Our Faculty

Cecelia Traugh

Dean, Graduate School of Education

Cecelia Traugh is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education. Throughout her career, Cecelia has combined her roles as a teacher, administrator, and researcher in pursuit of the kind of education that grows out of a valuing of the capacities of children, parents, and teachers.

Her areas of concentration include descriptive school-based inquiry, curriculum development and evaluation, and the preparation of teachers for urban schools. Her work includes conducting school-wide inquiry groups in small schools across Manhattan and Brooklyn to investigate issues important to inclusive education and the ongoing development of the schools themselves.

Prior to joining Bank Street in 2015, Cecelia served as dean and professor at Long Island University’s School of Education. She began her career teaching high school history, and taught at a child detention center in California. She then taught at Wichita State University, where she directed a statewide program offering an urban experience to potential teachers. She worked with Vito Perrone at the University of North Dakota, and participated in programs educating Native American teachers for reservation schools. She directed the Middle School at Philadelphia’s Friends Select School, and taught graduate courses at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1993, she became the director of research and evaluation at the Institute for Literacy Studies at Lehman College, where she began her school-based inquiry groups and contributed to a monograph series about the work of teachers teaching teachers in New York City. Cecelia holds a BA and MA from UC Riverside, and a PhD from UC Berkeley.