Our Faculty

Laura Araman

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor

Laura is an Advisor in the Early Childhood Special Education program at Bank Street College of Education. In her work as a classroom teacher and later as a developmental therapist, Laura has had the opportunity to support children in a wide variety of schools and child care settings. As a developmental therapist she not only provided support to children as a special instructor, but also supported their social and emotional development through counseling. In that role as a developmental therapist and also in her work as a Child Development Specialist, Laura is able to support families, provide developmentally focused workshops, discuss challenges at home, and strengthen the home-school connection. In these various settings Laura sees the opportunities for growth and success when a child’s individual needs are understood, when strengths are built on and when families are strong collaborators.

Educational Background

MSW, Columbia University, M.S.Ed., Bank Street College of Education


  • Aren’t they just playing? The Complexity of Play and How We Support Children’s Learning Through It
  • The Benefits to Superhero Play, Rough and Tumble Play and Power Play
  • Helping Children Build an Emotional Vocabulary and Problem Solve at School
  • Supporting Children with Sensory Integration Challenges
  • How We Support Children and Families Through the Process of Separation