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Luisa L. Costa

Coordinator, of the Language SeriesSupervised Fieldwork Advisor & Course Instructor

Luisa L. Costa, Ph.D. began her career in education teaching English as second language in elementary and secondary schools in Argentina. When arriving in the US, she began teaching college level courses and supporting bilingual teachers in the school where her daughter was a student. Luisa joined the faculty in 1995 as advisor and instructor in the Bilingual/Dual Language Program. She founded the Language Series in 2000, a yearly event devoted to enhance and support educators, parents and the community on language acquisition latest research and practice. As a multilingual herself, Luisa is a passionate believer in supporting what children bring to school, the way they speak and the way they are in the world. Her work with teachers involves building their capacity to work with students through skill, imagination and conviction providing a range of multiple learning modalities. Luisa models this way of teaching and learning in her graduate classes so that her students can be successful, aware practitioners and social justice advocates. Luisa has worked internationally and consults with schools and organizations on developing effective second language learning practices.

Educational Background

Doctorate in Linguistics, Graduate Center, CUNY


The Power of Oral Language Development. Bilingual Symposium, New York City Department of Education, April 2017.

Dual Language Learners in the Classroom: Strategies for Success. English Language Learners Parent Conference, ACS NYC, January 2017.

Planning for Language Having the Common Core State Standards in Mind. Bilingual Symposium, Department of English Language Learners, NYCDOE, April 2016.

Tapping the Oral Traditions to Support Language Development. Dual Language Learners Conference. ACS NYC. January 2016.

TWIOP (Two Way Instruction) for Oracy Development. Bilingual Symposium, Office of English Language Learners, NYCDOE, April 2013.

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