Our Faculty

Sue Carbary

Program Director, Early Childhood General and Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Studies in Education

Service to others has always been a strong part of Sue’s core belief system. In service to others she needs to be clear about who she is and what she can do. Helping our graduate students reflect on who they are and what they can/will contribute to the care and well being of children and families has and continues to be a priority for Sue, as a program director, faculty member and special education teacher. From the beginning her professional life has been in direct service to children and families (as a teacher and as a director) by providing special education services to children, helping families understand their due process rights, and helping families advocate for their children. As a faculty member her work to help future teachers take on that role. Much of her professional development work is helping schools reflect, expand, and articulate their commitment to inclusion in early childhood. As a member of Bank Street Sue continues to be deeply influenced by our history and credo and she tries to help our students see the value of these commitments in their work.

Educational Background

EdM, Bank Street College of Education