Bank Street Emotionally Responsive Schools are early childhood programs and elementary schools that use the work of Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street to inform their interactions, routines, and curriculum. Emotionally Responsive Schools give all staff members in the building a deep understanding of child development and social and emotional foundations for learning, as well as supportive techniques for building an empathic school community where children feel safe and connected.

  • Who Can Become an Emotionally Responsive School?

    Early childhood programs and elementary schools who attend the conference as a school community will be given access to our podcast series, “Feeling Safe Changes Everything,” as well as other online resources through our Circle of Support. In addition, school communities can choose to enhance the collaboration through follow-up work with Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) at Bank Street. This follow-up work might include additional professional development, coaching, staff support groups, admin support, or parent groups. New York City public schools can access our Promoting Safe and Supportive Schools requirements contract for services. Independent school community collaborators, as well as school collaborators outside of New York, are also welcome. In the time of COVID-19, all services are provided virtually. See fees for Enhanced Membership Schools on the registration page.

  • Why Join Emotionally Responsive Schools?

    Research tells us that adverse childhood experiences are common across the income spectrum and can heighten the risk for physical and mental health problems as children grow up in addition to creating social, emotional, and learning issues while they are small. A safe, empathic, and engaging school environment can act to diminish stress, nurture the developing brain, and become a protective factor for the hundreds of children who attend each year.

  • What are the Emotionally Responsive School membership fees?

    Membership for the 2021-22 school year is now open.

    Membership Fees:

    • School Community Membership: $1,100. This membership entitles schools to send up to seven staff members to the Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference, allows teachers to connect via our online Emotionally Responsive Practice Connections Group, and allows school-wide access to quarterly podcasts by Lesley Koplow on social/emotional issues. School Community members will receive beginning, middle and end of year podcasts addressing issues that come up over the school year.
    • Enhanced School Community Membership 1: $3,500. In addition to the benefits of a School Community Membership, this membership includes two half day follow up sessions.
    • Individual Teacher or Social Worker: $175