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Early Childhood Mathematics Videos

A Framework for a Developmental Mathematics Curriculum (Ages 3–5)

Research indicates that about 50 percent of children’s natural engagement with materials in a preschool classroom may be classified as “mathematical” (Ginsburg, 2000). Opportunities for mathematical learning are plentiful. Daily experience in the block area, sand table, water table, dramatic play activity, cooking, table toy work, structured math manipulative, and puzzles all serve as tools to trigger mathematical engagement. It is, however, essential for the teacher to understand how to observe and classify the types of mathematics that a child is doing.

Read the full report: Six Big Ideas: A Framework for a Developmental Mathematics Curriculum (pdf)

3’s Videos

Setting the table for a snack
Tangram puzzle book
Walkin' and talkin'
Where are we now?

4’s Videos

Girls in the block area
Matching game
Henry's block building
Taking attendance

5’s Videos

Compare Game
Three dice
Perception puzzle
Coach Tahir
Favorite class job