Social Justice and Service Learning in Puerto Rico

In the Fall of 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and impacted the island in every possible way. Schools were closed for quite some time as the people began rebuilding. In the wake of this natural disaster, Bank Street is committed to supporting the recovery and innovation that is taking place. Join us in San Juan this July as we volunteer our time to support summer initiatives with children, learn about education innovations, and explore the culture and history of Puerto Rico.

We will be partnering with the University of Puerto Rico Secondary School at Rio Piedras to visit schools, learn about education innovations on the island, and talk with key figures in the Department of Education, teachers’ unions, and local universities. Our week in Puerto Rico will include rich cultural experiences, as well. We will visit local museums, take walking tours of Old San Juan, and meet with local artists. We are also exploring volunteer opportunities to partner with summer camps, daycare centers, pediatric hospitals, and community centers.

Throughout our school visits, panel discussions, and meetings with educators and community activists, we will be talking about issues of social justice and the history and politics of the island. We will learn from local Puerto Ricans about their vision for the future and how Hurricane Maria has impacted this journey.