State Mandated Workshops

There are three State Mandated Workshops required for graduation if the degree you are pursuing will make you eligible for New York State certification.  The three workshops are Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, School Violence Prevention, and Dignity for All Students (sometimes referred to as DASA).

  • Attendance

    Because New York state mandates that each student attends each of the three workshops for their full running-time (two hours for SAVE and Child Abuse, six hours for DASA), we must adhere to a strict attendance policy. Because of this, if you arrive past the start time or leave before the training is officially over (be it online or on campus), we will not be able to give you credit for attending. If you arrive late or leave early, you will receive a grade of “NT” (Not Attended) and must register for another section or provide proof of completion from another institution to receive credit for taking the workshop. Please visit our Grading Page for more information on how State Mandated Trainings are graded.

  • Registration for Matriculated Students in the Graduate School

    Students can register during matriculated registration periods in myBSC or through Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) before the posted registration deadline. Course schedules are available online here.

  • Grades

    Students that attend and successfully participate in one of these given workshops will earn a grade of “AT” (Attended).  Those that fail to attend (this includes not completing both portions of DASA and/or those that arrive late or leave early) will earn a grade of an “NT” (Not Attended). These grades are recorded on the student’s Bank Street transcript. If students are unable to attend, they must drop the workshop by the registration deadline by contacting cps@bankstreet.edu. Once grades are recorded, they will not be removed from the student’s record. Students receiving an “NT” grade must register for another section or provide proof of completion from another institution to receive credit for taking the workshop.

    Special Notice for DASA: The DASA workshop at Bank Street has a three-hour online component (Part 1) as well as a three-hour synchronous session (Part 2). Students must complete the online component (Part 1) by the designated due date to be able to attend the synchronous session (Part 2). Further, they must complete both Part 1 and Part 2 for the section in which they are enrolled. Partial participation (i.e., completing only one part) will result in a grade of an “NT.”  These students will be expected to enroll in another section and attend both the online and synchronous sessions (even if they previously attended an online session) to receive credit for attending. Students may not transfer portions of one section to another without prior approval from the Director of CPS, who can be reached at cps@bankstreet.edu.

  • Proof of Completion

    Proof of attendance and successful completion is recorded on each student’s Official Academic Transcript. In addition, Bank Street uploads records of completion to each student’s TEACH account, as required by New York State law. Records should appear on your TEACH account 7-10 business days after the program. Please note that records will only be successfully uploaded if your Bank Street registration information (name, social security number, and date of birth) exactly matches your NYS TEACH account.  Bank Street is not notified of unsuccessful uploads. If your TEACH record is not updated 10 business days after you’ve completed the program, please email cps@bankstreet.edu.

    If you require a certificate of completion for employment, email a request to cps@bankstreet.edu.