Our Team

Ali Piotrowski

Student Services Advisor (SSA)

Ali Piotrowski is a Student Services Advisor (SSA) at Bank Street Graduate School of Education. In her role, she provides assistance to Bank Street’s online leadership and teaching and learning programs. Ali graduated from a small liberal arts university in Ohio with a BA in English Literature with a focus in Creative Writing. Since graduating, she has worked in a corporate setting for PNC Bank, holding different positions supporting clients and employees until she joined the Bank Street staff in 2022. Her background has equipped her with the necessary problem-solving, organizational, and time management skills that translate well into helping students succeed. As an SSA, she helps students stay on track to complete their programs and get the most out of their graduate experience. Ali is always excited to work with students as they journey through their programs at Bank Street. She lives in Northeast Ohio and works with Bank Street virtually.