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A writing resource for graduate students.

Professor speaking with student sittingHave you been told that you have a lot of ideas when you write but that they are not always organized? Do you find yourself frustrated when you are asked to connect what you have learned about a child to your course readings? Does the idea of generating research for a paper seem daunting?

Graduate students are expected to write in ways that enable them to think deeply about their studies. Some assignments ask students to reflect on an educational experience and make connections to course concepts and readings. Others may require them to research a topic to develop new insights. Students may be asked to observe or work with students, teachers, or health professionals as they write professional notes and make connections to course readings. Writing is one of the critical means through which graduate students demonstrate their knowledge of processes and content taught in courses and fieldwork. Refining your writing as a graduate student provides you with a forum for developing the professional writing that you will engage in as a teacher, leader, or child life specialist.

Kim McLeveighn, Director of Student Learning Support, can support you in developing your academic writing through individual or group consultations and assess whether you are a good fit for the Writing Assistance Program, which provides current graduate students with individual tutoring from Bank Street alumni. Tutoring is contingent on the resources and schedule availability of the program.

To explore opportunities to support your growth and development in writing, contact Kim at

  • Graduate School Writing Assistance Program

    The Graduate School Writing Assistance Program provides individual tutors for matriculated students who are encountering difficulties with written assignments in their courses or fieldwork.

    • Students can request assistance or be referred by a course instructor or advisor.
    • There is no cost to students, however, students must commit to meeting weekly with their tutors.
    • Tutors are Bank Street Graduate School alumni who have been prepared to work with adult learners.
    • Students’ applications will be reviewed and writing needs will be assessed to determine if tutoring is the appropriate resource.
    • If you find yourself challenged by the demands of academic writing in your courses and fieldwork, please contact
      Kim McLeveighn, Director of Student Learning Support, at
  • Academic Reading and Writing References

    The following Google Drive Folder includes reading and writing references from Hunter College Reading and Writing Center. These resources will be helpful as you review the most effective academic reading and writing strategies that will support your graduate studies.

    Academic Reading and Writing References Folder