Student Services & Support


The Bursar’s Office is available by email at If you need to speak with someone, you can call the office at 212-961-3369 and leave a voicemail. Someone from the office will return your call.

The Bursar and Student Accounts Administrator are available for all Student Account inquiries. An appointment is required for any “in person” transactions or meetings. The Bursar is part of the Business Office which is located at The Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10115. The mailing address is Bank Street College, Attn: Business Office, Bursar – Student Accounts, 610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025.

  • Tuition & Fees
    Nonrefundable Application Fee $65
    Nonrefundable Program Reservation Fee $250
    Tuition Per Graduate Credit
    Summer 2 2020 – Summer 1 & Summer Long 2021 $1,660
    Returned check fee $20
    Diploma Returned fee $25
    Nonrefundable Registration Fees Per Term
    3 credits or fewer $50
    4 credits or more $100
    Late registration fee  $25
    Institutional Assessment Fee* (nonrefundable) $150
     Add/Drop fee  $15
     Matriculation Maintenance fee  $50
     Transcript request fee  $7
     Additional transcript requests made at the time of the original request  $2
     Integrative Master’s Project, Independent Study, or Portfolio fee  $750
     Independent Study extension fee  $100
     Technical Assistance fee for selected independent studies and portfolios (Optional, see Guide to Integrative Master’s Project) $150
     New York State Internship Certification fee per semester (if enrolled in Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement)  $100
     New York State Internship Certification fee per semester (if not enrolled in Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement)  $500
    Removal of “Incomplete” (IN) grade (charged each time a student enrolls in this activity)  $25
     ID card replacement fee  $10

    *This is a one-time fee applied to all matriculated students’ accounts. The fee will be charged at the time of registration for one or more credits. Should you drop courses during the online period or in person in the Registrar’s Office and remain with 0 credits, you will still be liable for the fee, as the fee is nonrefundable.

  • Tuition & Fee Payments

    Upon registering, students become liable for the full cost of the courses and supervised fieldwork for which they have registered. Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of registration or via the deferred payment plan option as explained below. Invoices detailing all charges are available in your account. Additional invoices will be mailed to students.

    Deferred Payment Plan:

    During the fall and spring terms only, total tuition and fees may be paid in four equal installments. Due to the shortened time frame, there are no deferred payment plans available for Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms. There is a $20 (per semester) processing fee, but there are no finance charges when payments are received by the Business Office in accordance with stated schedule. The deferred payment schedule is updated each applicable semester. To print a copy of the agreement, please visit the Billing and Financial Information Page on

  • Payment Options

    We accept the following forms of payment:

    • Personal Check* or money order
    • Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard)
    • Financial Aid
    • Valid Courtesy Course Waiver or Voucher

    We do not accept the following forms of payment: Cash, American Express, or Discover Card.

    Payment by Check:

    Please mail the check to Bank Street College, Attn: Bursar – Student Accounts, 610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025. A $20 fee will be assessed on all returned checks. A student who has a check returned twice for insufficient funds will no longer be able to pay by a personal check. Payments must be made by credit card, certified check, or money order.

    Payment by Credit Card:

    To make a payment via credit card, please click on the “My Account Balances” link in your account; you may also mail in the completed Credit Card Payment Form. Credit card information is not stored electronically. Recurring automatic payment is not available. Students who make deferred installment payments via credit card will need to initiate payment with the Business Office for each installment.

    Alternatively, checks and credit card payments via the form may be made in person by dropping the payment in an envelope in the drop box located in the Registrar’s Office during Registrar hours. Envelopes are available at the drop box for your convenience.

    By Phone

    To make a payment over the phone, contact the Student Accounts Administrator at (212) 961-3369 or the Bursar at (212) 961-3365.

    Please Note:

    If you are receiving financial aid of any kind (loans, scholarships, etc.) to pay for the semester and you have any questions about how those funds will be applied to your balance, contact the Financial Aid Office at (212) 875-4408 or

    Courtesy Course Vouchers must be submitted by the last day of the Add/Drop period of the term to which the voucher is being applied. Waivers do not cover the cost of fees. Please note that the use of Course Waivers and Vouchers can result in taxable income equivalent to the benefit received.

    Payment Deadlines:

    The final payment for the Fall 2020 term will be due September 23, 2020.

  • Late and/or Non-Payment Consequences

    A finance charge of 1.33% (16% annual rate) will be imposed on any payment, or portion thereof, not received in the Business Office by the due date. Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency and become part of the student’s credit history. In addition, the student will be held liable for all collection costs incurred. Outstanding debts to the College or books/fines owed to the Library result in a hold placed on students’ accounts that must be cleared before the students are permitted to register.