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Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB)

Bank Street College is an inquiring community. Our founders established a firm stance of questioning and wondering about the ways of children to best support their learning and development. The College extends this thinking to our current research and inquiry. Our faculty, staff, and students engage in study of practices and ideas that might better inform our work with students across the life span.

Whenever their study includes the observation, interview, or collection of other information about children, educators, and/or families, an Application (pdf) with the Bank Street College Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB) is required. While most studies engage typical educational practices and are likely exempt from full committee review, all researchers interested in collecting any data from any human being as a part of a research study must submit an application for review. Applications can be submitted via email to

Committees like the IRRB satisfy a federal regulation that requires the presence of such a board at any institution that receives federal support and where qualified professionals and students under their mentorship will conduct research involving human beings. The IRRB at Bank Street reviews proposed studies for their safety for human beings who will participate and takes a critical friends approach to providing feedback for revision. It is our goal to ensure that, above all, no participant is unduly harmed by participation in the study and that the researcher/inquirer is supported in protecting the participants and communities from foreseeable risks associated with her or his research. For more information and support with completing the Bank Street College IRRB Application (pdf), review the Bank Street IRRB Guidelines (pdf).

The Bank Street IRRB is composed of five or more members of varying backgrounds and expertise who represent the various divisions of the College, as well as one member not affiliated with Bank Street who participates on an ad hoc basis.

Applicants should plan for up to 6–8 weeks for review and response to their proposal.

Members of the IRRB

Jessica Charles, PhD, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
Chair, Institutional Research and Review Board

Jessica Blum-DeStefano, EdD, Leadership Department
Lynne Einbender, EdM, Teaching & Learning Department
Ofelia García, PhD, Professor Emerita, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Nicole Limperopulos, EdD, Leadership Department
Mark Nagasawa, PhD, Straus Center for Young Children & Families

Bank Street IRRB Guidelines and Application

Bank Street College of Education Institutional Research and Review Board Guidelines

Bank Street College of Education Institutional Research and Review Board Application Form (pdf)