• Do I need to submit test scores for admission?

    To see if you need to submit an entrance exam, visit our Admissions Guide Chart.

  • Do I need prior teaching experience or coursework in education before I apply to Bank Street?

    Our programs are varied enough to meet the needs of all qualified college graduates with or without prior experience in teaching, administration, or other human service fields. However, we do feel it is important for you to have some experience working with children so that you feel confident that this career choice is grounded in a realistic understanding of yourself and of children.

  • Can I apply to more than one program at a time?

    No, you must choose one program for your initial application.

  • What is your tuition rate?

    For information on tuition and fees, visit the Tuition & Financial Aid page.

  • May I defer my admission?

    Yes. After acceptance, you may defer your admission for up to one year with an admissions deposit of $250 and a letter outlining your plans to the Admissions Office.

  • Can I take courses before I apply for a degree program?

    Yes. Taking courses as a non-matriculated student is a great way to introduce yourself to Bank Street. If you then decide to apply to a degree program, your class performance will be another admissions factor we take into consideration. We encourage students to apply to a Bank Street master’s degree program before they have completed six credits.

  • Do you accept transfer credits?

    With program director approval, students may transfer up to six graduate credits not used toward another degree, provided the courses either match ones required for the program at Bank Street or are used as elective credit.

  • I am a classroom teacher. Do I have to leave my job to do supervised fieldwork?

    Usually students are able to use their own classroom for your supervised fieldwork / advisement setting as long as it is appropriate for the program to which you have applied, you have support from your principal or school director to have your Bank Street advisor work with you at the school, and your classroom is accessible to your advisor.

  • Can I teach in a public school while finishing my master’s?

    Students who have completed half of the credits in their master’s degree program including supervised fieldwork may apply for the Internship Certificate Credential. This is a two-year temporary certification allowing students to complete the master’s degree and earn full certification. For more information, visit the Certification page.

  • Can I attend part-time?

    Many students begin or end their programs on a part-time schedule. For one year of the program (fall and spring semesters), students must attend school full-time. In this academic year, students are integrating the daytime supervised fieldwork component with at least one class. Classes are held in the evening from 4:45 – 6:45 p.m. and 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., allowing students flexibility over their weekday schedule.