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Writing for Children Series

Join us for these workshops to re-energize your practice.

Writing for Children Workshop Series

Have you always wanted to write for children? Our introductory courses taught by some of New York’s most prominent members of the children’s literature world will help you get started. View the current course schedule to see which classes are being offered this semester.

  • Writing for Children: Finding Your Voice

    Course Number: TEWS598N

    So you want to write a children’s book! Here is a workshop to help you get started once and for all. In this friendly, supportive environment, class discussions will focus on all aspects of good storytelling and good writing, including tone of voice, clear dialogue, characters who feel real, and beautiful language. You will return to your classes with a better understanding of the writing process so that you, in turn, can help each student to find pleasure in crafting a piece of writing in his or her voice. Instructor: Amy Hest

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  • Writing for Children III: Publishing 101

    Course Number: TEWS808N

    So you’ve got a manuscript you’re happy with – now what? This online class will take you through the whole process from creation to post-publication. You’ll learn the basics about queries, agents, and the editorial process, as well as how to find like-minded writers and promote yourself and your work. Most importantly: you’ll learn tips of the trade from an experienced editor. *This synchronous workshop meets online Eastern Time. Participants are expected to be online during the time listed above. Directions for accessing the course page will be emailed upon registration. Instructor: Sharyn November

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  • WFC IV: Introduction to Illustrating Children's Books

    Course Number: TEWS809N

    Sure, you need drawing skills to illustrate a children’s book, but it’s the ability to tell a story visually that makes a children’s book illustrator. In this workshop, we will meet online for synchronous sessions to introduce and explore the process and key concepts around illustration for children’s literature. The goal is to better understand the illustration process and how to develop basic strategies to set you on the road to illustrating your own projects. Instructor: Stephen Savag

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  • The Writer’s Room: Fine-tuning Your Story in a Supportive Community

    Course Number: TEWS810N

    We are offering this workshop for committed writers who enjoy the writing process and want to come together each month to share their works in progress and receive feedback from other committed writers. This is a safe, supportive place to try out what you’ve been working on independently in a facilitated workshop. Occasional guest speakers from the publishing world will join the group to discuss different aspects of writing, such as writing from an illustrator’s perspective or to provide personal viewpoints on the writer’s experience. Instructor: Amy Hest

    Prerequisite: Writing for Children: Finding Your Voice

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