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Today’s educators need the skills and knowledge to help all students learn deeply. Similarly, policy and practice must continue to advance to help them do so.

Because of this need, Bank Street College and Learning Policy Institute created the Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab). EdPrepLab is a network of preparation programs that work together to create effective models for teacher and principal preparation. As a result of its work, educators will have the tools to design more meaningful learning experiences for the children they work with.

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Announcing 2023-24 EdPrepLab Member Programming

The 2023-24 school year presents another opportunity for our network to coalesce around our common purpose of preparing equity-focused educators who are able to enact SoLD-aligned practices so that all children can learn and thrive. This year, we will continue our collective efforts to strengthen the field of educator preparation through practice, policy, and research by strengthening our own programs, sharing exemplary practice with the field, working to influence state and national policy debates, and building international research collaborations.

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EdPrepLab network members at the convening

Inquiry Series Explores Cross-Institutional Collaboration

To help strengthen educator preparation across the United States, EdPrepLab network members from across the country have partnered to form and document inquiry groups focused on the exploration of an educator preparation topic related to deeper learning and equity. The inquiry briefs in this series explore these collaborative efforts and offer reflections, tools, and snapshot summaries of cross- or intra-institutional work.
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