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Tiorati Science Program for Schools

Child playing in the leavesBank Street’s Tiorati Science Program for Schools is a professional development program that bridges classroom learning with the natural environment. Tiorati educators work directly with individual districts, schools, and teachers to design inquiry-oriented learning experiences that address the curricular needs of the school.

Custom packages are available and generally include the following features:
  • One-on-one coaching for faculty at the school with Tiorati educators that could involve:
    • Planning, enacting, reflecting, and assessing curricula that use an inquiry and hands-on approach to learning
    • Working to address the CCSS and the NYS Science Core Curriculum
    • Meeting the individual needs of diverse students
    • Integrating science with ELA, mathematics, social studies, or the arts
  • Faculty retreats and/or student trips to the Tiorati Science Program for Schools in Harriman State Park, which provides:
    • Firsthand experience in the outdoors with an inquiry and hands-on approach to learning
    • A model of leveraging observations of the natural environment to support learning
    • An appreciation for the natural environment outside the city

ConEd logoBank Street’s Tiorati Science Program would like to thank Consolidated Edison for its generous funding of this program. Thanks, Con Ed!