Continuing Professional Studies

Join our online community and gain practical strategies grounded in theory to help you make the most of your career as an educator and leader.

Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) at Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York City offers online short-format courses for mandated Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU), or graduate-level credit.

Professional development programs tailored to the unique needs of your school are continuing online to maximize support for educators while minimizing contact. Complete this quick survey to schedule a free consultation or learn more about our approach.

Travel programs for working educators are now virtual.

  • Bank Street (#1321) is a registered sponsor of New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours.
  • Bank Street is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Join our national community of aspiring educational leaders for a summer workshop.

    These workshops help you strengthen your teaching practice and support your classroom and community.Earn the professional credentials you need with CTLE or professional development hours. Registration is open now.

    • Constructing a Democratic Classroom: Focus On Routines, Rules and Transitions (Ages 3 – 10)
    • Behavior Management Strategies for the Classroom Teacher
    • Restorative Practices in the Early Grades (Grades 1–3)
    • Creating Classrooms That Embrace Difference (Grades Pre-K – 2)
    • Talking About Race with Children

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  • Attend an on-campus short-format workshop this summer.

    Some courses are being offered in person! Join us for these popular on-campus workshops and help strengthen your teaching practices. Earn CTLE, CEU, or graduate-level credits. Registration is open now.

    • Block Building and Dramatic Play as an Integral Part of the Early Childhood Curriculum
    • Building Computational Fluency: Multiplication & Division
    • Dynamic Leadership: Inspiring & Supporting Your Teaching Faculty
    • Reggio-Emilia Approach: Interpreting Theory & Practice for Schools in U S (Infant – 5 Yrs)
    • Sounds In Motion: Development of Auditory Perception & Early Literacy Skills Thru Use of Body Movement

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  • Find inspiration to support your community with these popular online workshops.

    We’re offering some of our most popular short-format online workshops. These courses will help you support your students with research-proven and developmentally appropriate methods and techniques.

    • Restorative Practices in the Early Grades (Grades 1–3)
    • Cultivating Critical Literacies (grades 3 – 8)
    • Windows & Mirrors: Fostering an Inclusive Classroom Community (Grades K – 8)
    • Building a Caring School Community
    • Trauma and Resilience Series: Using Asset Based Models to Strengthen Resilience

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    Constructing a democratic classroom
  • Find new ways to support children's academic growth.

    Join our community this summer for these short-format online workshops and earn CTLE, CEU, or graduate-level credits. Registration is open now.

    • Building Computational Fluency: Multiplication & Division
    • Meeting the Diverse Needs of Beginning Readers (Grades K-3)
    • Elevating Existing Literacies: Fostering Family and Caregiver Community (PreK-8)
    • Language Matters! Supporting Mathematical Discourse In The Classroom
    • Early Number, Addition and Subtraction

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    Students learn by doing
  • Learn more about incorporating play

    Advance your ability to utilize play to support your curriculum. Earn CTLE, CEU, or graduate-level credits. Registration is now open.

    • The Spectrum of Play and Play on the Spectrum: Through a Dev-Ind-Diff, Relationship Model Lens (birth-6 years)
    • Block Building and Dramatic Play as an Integral Part of the Early Childhood Curriculum
    • Designing Interdisciplinary Play-Based Activities for the Pre-K-1st Classroom
    • Motor Play to Enhance Growth in the Classroom (Ages 1-6)
    • Poetic Possibilities: Weaving Poetry into All Subject Areas

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Student Voices
I couldn’t say more nice things about the staff I have come across… This is a game changer for me if it continues; I will be taking continuing education classes in this way [online] for sure.
Marina F.
The Reggio-Emilia Approach
Student Voices
Ginny was awesome. She really took into consideration our needs as learners and she made the class interesting and clear. I learned new things from her about students with disabilities, which is not an easy thing to say when you’ve already been a special ed. teacher for 8 years.
The Essential Orton-Gillingham
Student Voices
The idea of taking mindful moments when doing routine tasks seems very manageable and applicable, even with teaching remotely
Alicia F.
Mindful Awareness for Educators
Student Voices
I feel like I got so much about food justice from this class, in addition to information about plants and planting. I also got some terrific resources for working with kids and ideas for good activities.
Plant-based Learning
Student Voices
Amazing new ways to introduce phonemic awareness exercises, listening exercises, and all the sounds in motion!
Rachel G.
Sounds in Motion
Student Voices
This workshop helped me learn about writing for children and the different elements and composition that go together to create a piece of writing. Got me encouraged and excited to find that VOICE.
Moyjae A.
Finding Your Voice