Our Team

Pamela A. Guarrera

Director, Enrollment Communications & Marketing

Responsibilities: I work with the Student Services team and other key members of the Graduate School and College, providing marketing support for the Graduate School’s recruitment efforts and events, increasing our brand awareness through various marketing channels, and coordinating communications for all our graduate students. 

Why Bank Street: I am the mother of two young adult daughters, and some of the best teachers they have ever had have been Bank Street graduates. There is truly something magical about how a Bank Street teacher educates and inspires (and their teachings have lasting power!). My family lived in Bank Street’s neighborhood for about 13 years, and so it had been a part of my life for all those years—my children attended/worked at Bank Street’s summer camp programs, were taught by Bank Street alumni, we made frequent trips to the Bank Street bookstore, I took Continuing Professional Studies classes and attended special events such as conferences and fairs, and eventually became an official member of the community as an employee in 2016. Bank Street is a place where I can be myself, yet continuously better myself, through the collective work we do as a College community.

Hobbies: Creating, writing, and graphic design.

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled: It’s a tie – Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy.

MA in Integrated Marketing Communications; BA in Communications/English - both from St. Bonaventure University