Our Faculty

Gladys Y. Aponte

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor

Gladys Y. Aponte began teaching at Bank Street College as an adjunct instructor when she graduated from the Dual Language Bilingual Childhood Special Education program in 2013. She is now proud to be a fieldwork advisor and course instructor in the Bilingual and TESOL programs.

Gladys is currently a doctoral candidate in the Urban Education Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, Gladys was a bilingual teacher in New York City public schools. She is dedicated to working closely with teachers of emergent bilingual students to develop culturally/linguistically-sustaining classroom settings. Her other roles include CUNY-NYSIEB research assistant, induction mentor at Teachers College, and adjunct instructor and fieldwork advisor at the City University of New York.

Educational Background

MSEd Dual Language/Bilingual Childhood Special Education, Bank Street College of Education


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