Our Faculty

Troy Pinkney

Course Instructor & Supervised Fieldwork Advisor

Troy has over 25 years of experience in the field of Child Life, including directing several child life programs in the tri-state area. She served as the Director of the Child Life Master’s Program at Bank Street College from 2004-2023 and has taught the following courses: Child Development, Adolescent and Emerging Adulthood, Child Life in Health Care Settings, Children with Special Health Care Needs, and Child Life Administration.

Troy has been an active member of the Association of Child Life Professionals and has held several leadership positions. Patient and Family Centered Care has been an integral part of her work with children, youth, and their families for the last 30 years. She is committed to working with families. During her career she has worked as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Special Educator, and as a Certified Child Life Specialist. Throughout her career she remains committed to and advocating for the diverse and unique needs of all patients and their families, supporting their growth and development.

Educational Background

MA, Special Education, Ohio State University

Publications & Presentations

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