Our Faculty

Valentine Burr

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Valentine began her career in education teaching in a residential school for children and adolescents with significant emotional and behavioral needs. Later, in the late 90’s, she taught at one of the first full-inclusion public high schools in New York City. These early experiences in her career laid a foundation for her ongoing commitment to issues of equity and access in education; and for the importance of developing emotionally responsive learning environments. Valentine joined the faculty of Bank Street in 2000 and since that time has served as an instructor and advisor in the childhood and middle school special education programs, program director, and department chair. In these roles, she is committed to supporting the growth of educators as reflective, collaborative, and critical practitioners. Valentine has worked internationally, and consults with a range of organizations in New York City, with particular focus on the development of critical historical literacy skills and innovative uses of technology for teaching and professional development.

Educational Background

EdD, Johns Hopkins University

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