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Admissions Criteria

Our office takes a holistic approach to the application process. We look forward to reading about how your experiences have shaped who you are and why now might be the right time to start your graduate school education.

If you are interested in applying, we will be looking for a number of criteria, including:

  • A GPA of 3.0 (B average) or higher in an undergraduate degree program from a regionally accredited college or university
  • An aptitude for completing graduate-level coursework and academic projects of substantial scope and breadth, as well as a capacity for making positive contributions in your professional life
  • Sensitivity to others, flexibility, self-awareness, and a willingness and capacity to engage in self-reflection
  • Positive interpersonal skills in relationships with both children and adults
  • A healthy motivation and commitment to learning, children, and young adults
  • If You're Seeking Your First Certification

    If this is your first time seeking a certification, you will need to meet breadth and depth distribution in the liberal arts and sciences, including depth of at least ten courses in one liberal arts and science major or area of concentration. If you are missing a course prerequisite, you will need to complete any undergraduate or graduate level course in the subject(s) required within your first year at Bank Street. The Office of Graduate Admissions will send you information on which prerequisites you have yet to fulfill.

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  • If Your Program Requires Initial Certification for Admission

    A few of our professional certification, special education, and literacy programs require that you already hold New York State initial certification. If you are finishing an undergraduate education program in New York State, we will be looking at your TEACH record at the time of admission to track your progress toward certification.

    If you hold a certification from a state other than New York, you will need to apply for reciprocity and have your certification issued before starting your program.

    Out of State Certification Info

    If your certification is not yet issued by the time you apply, we may admit you into one of our dual certification programs in general and special education until you can  procure your initial certification.

  • Entrance Exam

    Bank Street Graduate School of Education follows New York State Education Department regulations for program registration. In accordance with regulation 8 CRR-NY 52.21: Registration of Curricula in Teacher Education, applicants intending to begin a teacher preparation pro­gram or educational leadership program that leads to a New York State certification must sit for an entrance exam. If you already completed a graduate teaching program and hold a currently valid New York State teaching certification that will be valid throughout the entire duration of the program, an entrance exam is not required.

    Applicants who are applying to any of our certification programs (with the exception of Child Life) have two options for tests:

    • GRE (institution code is 2035); or
    • MAT (institution code is 3197)

    Scores should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions along with the other components of your application.

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In addition to the admissions criteria listed on this page, there may be additional materials or requirements needed depending on the program you’re choosing to apply for.

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