Alumni Awards

Each year, we celebrate excellence in our alumni community by asking alumni and friends to nominate an outstanding educator to be considered for an award. Each award is presented to a nominee who carries out the mission, beliefs, philosophy, and practices of Bank Street College through their work.

Please see the descriptions below for every award available. Nominators are asked to complete a full nomination packet. Each year, the award nominations process closes on December 15 and the BSCAA Awards are held the following spring.

For questions about the process or to make an initial nomination, please contact Alumni Relations at

Thank you in advance for your nomination!

  • BSCAA Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to one or more Bank Street graduates honoring years of service to the College and its alumni, and demonstrated dedication and commitment to furthering the beliefs and practices of Bank Street College.
  • BSCAA Recognition Award is presented annually to one or more Bank Street graduates honoring outstanding career accomplishments in the field of education which exemplify the spirit and philosophy of Bank Street College.
  • BSCAA Ida Karp Award is presented when appropriate, not necessarily every year, to a graduate or non-graduate, such as a faculty member or friend of the College, to honor consistent and outstanding dedication to Bank Street College, its philosophy, and its long term goals.
  • BSCAA Recent Graduate Award is presented when deemed appropriate, not necessarily every year, to a Bank Street recent graduate (graduated within the last five years) for outstanding contributions to the field of education.

Past winners of the Bank Street College Alumni Association (BSCAA) annual awards are below.

  • 2019

    Recognition Award
    Merna Hughes, GSE ’04
    Saralinda Lichtblau, GSE ’03

    Distinguished Service Award
    Nancy Cardwell, PhD, GSE ’88

    Ida Karp Award
    Alison Overseth
    Linda Reing

  • 2018

    Recognition Award
    Fela Barclift, GSE ’02
    Carol Berner, GSE ’92
    Alvin Irby, GSE ’09
    Jennie Trotter, GSE ’77
    Norma Vega, GSE ’06

    Distinguished Service Award
    Carol Hillman, GSE ’67

    Ida Karp Award
    Fern Khan, Dean Emerita, Bank Street Division of Continuing Education

  • 2017

    Recognition Award
    Judy Jablon, GSE ’87
    Dan Haggard, GSE ’78
    Takiema Bunche-Smith, GSE ’97

    Distinguished Service Award
    Davia Brown-Franklyn, GSE ’97
    Melissa Heckler, GSE ’83
    Ursula Davis, GSE ’74

  • 2016

    Recognition Award
    Gary Crow, GSE ’80
    Laura Ensler, GSE ’95
    Lucy West, GSE ’88

    Distinguished Service Award
    Maritza Macdonald, GSE ’78
    Dr. Wendy Pollock, GSE ’88
    Jonathan Silin, GSE ’70

  • 2015

    Recognition Award
    Paula Rogovin, GSE ’70
    Dania Vazquez, GSE ’83

    Ida Karp Award
    Nina Jensen

  • 2014

    Recognition Award
    Luberta Mays, GSE ’70 (conferred posthumously)
    Debbie Zlotowitz SAS ‘90

    Distinguished Service Award
    Jesse Pugh, GSE ‘76

    Recent Graduate Award
    Leslie Martinez, GSE ’12

  • 2013

    Recognition Award
    Lauren Anderson, GSE ‘03
    Klaudia Rivera, GSE ’81

    Distinguished Service Award
    Alison Keil, GSE ’04
    Sara Stone, GSE ’04

    Ida Karp Award
    Leslie Bedford

  • 2012

    Recognition Award
    Ellen Galinsky, GSE ‘70

    Distinguished Service Award
    Maggie Moroff, GSE ‘97

    Ida Karp Award
    Troy Pinkney Ragsdale

    (First) Recent Graduate Award
    Meghan Dunn, GSE ’08

  • 2011

    Faculty Award
    Virginia Casper
    Gil Schmerler

    Alumni Award
    Barbara Sprung, GSE ‘74
    Rachel Theilheimer, GSE ‘74
    Gayle Cunningham, GSE ’75

  • 2009

    Recognition Award
    Sandye Poitier Johnson, GSE ‘78

    Distinguished Service Award
    Claudine Brown, GSE ’80

    Ida Karp Award
    Lee Kogan, Curator Emeritus, American Folk Art Museum
    Katy O’Donnell, Bank Street Graduate School Faculty

  • 2008

    Recognition Award
    Barbara Ferguson Kamara, GSE ’81

    Distinguished Service Award
    Stan Chu, GSE ’72

    IDA Karp Award
    Don Cook

  • 2007

    Recognition Award
    Carmen Alvarez, GSE ’81
    Ada Rosario Dolch, GSE ’93

    Distinguished Service Award
    Priscilla Woyke, GSE ’96

  • 2006

    Recognition Award
    Rebecca H. Cort, GSE ’76, ’78

    Distinguished Service Award
    Salvatore J. Vascellaro, GSE ’75

    Ida Karp Award
    Carmen Farina

  • 2005

    Recognition Award
    Anne W. Mitchell, GSE ’88

    Distinguished Service Award
    Claire Wurtzel, GSE ’77

  • 2004

    Recognition Award
    Diane Trister Dodge, GSE ’70

    Distinguished Service Award
    Linda R. Levine, GSE ‘ 76

    Ida Karp Award
    John H. Niemeyer (conferred posthumously)

  • 2003

    Recognition Award
    Kathleen Crosby, GSE ’70
    Mary Timson, GSE ’94

    Distinguished Service Award
    James A. Neuberger, GSE ’85

    Ida Karp Award
    Elizabeth Pforzheimer

  • 2002

    Recognition Award
    Roberta (Robie) Harris, GSE ’64

    Distinguished Service Award
    Esther Rosenfeld, GSE ’83

    Ida Karp Award
    Sally Kerlin, GSE ’36 (conferred posthumously)

  • 2001

    Recognition Award
    Selma Knobler, GSE ’69
    Janice Koeppel Strasser, GSE ’89

    Distinguished Service Award
    Lynn Straus, GSE ’47
    Beverly Walsh, GSE ’88

  • 2000

    Recognition Award
    Nina Jaffe, GSE ’83
    Nancy Samalin, GSE ’78
    Eleanor Greig Ukoli, GSE ’72

    Distinguished Service Award
    Barbara Silver, GSE ’80

    Ida Karp Award
    Dr. Georgi Antar, GSE ’74

  • 1999

    Recognition Award
    Eileen Goldblatt, GSE ’80
    Lillian Gonzalez, GSE ’90
    Elsbeth Pfeiffer, GSE ’53

    Distinguished Service Award
    Davida Hirsch, GSE ’71
    Margo Neale, GSE ’88

  • 1998

    Recognition Award
    Harriet K. Cuffaro, GSE ’69
    Dr. Ronnie Gordon, GSE ’63
    Margaret Stern, GSE ’44

    Distinguished Service Award
    Fay Gang, GSE ’47
    Ellen Hausknecht, GSE ’50, ’76

  • 1997

    Recognition Award
    Dr. William C. Ayers, GSE ’84
    Dr. Lorraine Monroe, GSE ’78
    Dorothy L. Stoneman, GSE ’74

    Distinguished Service Award
    Dolly N. Cannon, GSE ’89
    Natalie Langner, GSE ’64
    Priscilla Pemberton, GSE ’66