Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Residency Program

Full-time residency earning $20,000 in year one.

In year two, you are eligible to be the full-time teacher of record.

No prior teaching certification is necessary for this program.

Residency cohort members pay a reduced tuition fee.

Students in our TESOL program become advocates, critical thinkers, and innovators in teaching students learning English as a new language.

Child looks at teacher while holding book


Why Bank Street?

Impact the Lives of ENL Students

This program is designed for prospective teachers interested in working with students learning English as a new language (ENL) in grades pre-K-12. You’ll acquire a rich teaching repertoire to understand the intellectual, linguistic, and emotional needs of emergent bilingual students and develop a strong voice as an ENL teacher, advocate, critical thinker, and innovator of language instruction.

Earn Your MSEd and NYS Certification Eligibility

This program culminates in a Master of Science in Education and requires 42–45 credits. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for New York State certification in TESOL, grades PreK–12, provided you complete all other state requirements.

Your City, Your Classroom

Situated between two urban green spaces and just steps from New York City’s bustling Broadway, you’ll draw from your surroundings to access arts, culture, and inspiration that will offer profound possibilities for your growth and development.

Student & Alumni Voices
The bilingual program at Bank Street helps you find yourself, your passion, and your calling in order to give back to the community and help others find themselves and their callings.
Current Student
Student & Alumni Voices
While we certainly focus on the theory behind bilingual education, there is also a cultural and linguistic aspect that allows us to focus on being culturally responsive in the classroom, exploring our own connections.
GSE '15