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Saturday Math: Algebraic Thinking (continued) On-campus

Welcome to Saturday Math, a place where teachers, administrators, curriculum enthusiasts, and other colleagues do, learn, and talk about math together. Five times each year, we meet to explore our own mathematical thinking and discuss issues related to teaching and learning mathematics. Each facilitated session consists of interactive activities and discussions, and you will go home with resources and ideas to try out in your own practice on Monday. Session topics may focus on content (e.g., Connecting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents) or pedagogy (e.g., Using Mathematical Routines) and will always provide ample opportunity to make connections to your unique practice as a teacher, coach, administrator, or as another education professional. 
Term(s) offered: Fall and Spring
Format: online or on-campus, depending on the session

Fee per session: $25*
While each section will build upon the previous one, they can be taken individually.
Eligible for CTLE hours. Documentation will be provided upon request after May 6th, 2023.

This class will meet on campus. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination and bivalent booster shot, or documented exemption, are required. KN95 or surgical masks may be required indoors at Bank Street College.
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    Across Ages
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    Career Development, Childhood / Elementary School, Early Childhood, Middle School / Early Adolescence, On Campus
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    $25 2.0 CTLE or 0.2 CEU


Spring 2023

  • Section 1:
    • Nancy Buck
      Nancy Buck
      Nancy Buck is dedicated to shifting the perception of mathematics in the United States. As a mathematician who has dealt with math anxiety, she understands how math anxiety acts as a major barrier for administrators, teachers, and students. She believes that math is a beautiful and creative subject that allows people to better appreciate the world around them. She works hard to create safe spaces so that all educators and students can accept they are mathematicians just by engaging in math. Currently, Nancy is an adjunct instructor for the Bank Street Math Leadership Program. She also runs the Bank Street Saturday Math program where she supports Math Leadership teachers in developing and facilitating strong math professional development. She just finished her 11th year as a NYC teacher , so she has first hand experience about how the pandemic has impacted classroom teaching. Besides teaching in the classroom, Nancy has also spent the past 6 years coaching as a peer instructional teacher leader. She is excited to transition into full-time coaching.
      Nancy was a member of Math for America from 2010-2022. She earned her M.A. in Math from University of North Carolina Greensboro. She earned her M.A.T in Math Education from Bard College. She completed the Math Leadership program at Bank Street and she graduated with an EdD in Organizational Leadership from University of Dayton. Her dissertation in practice focused on how to build math identity in elementary school teachers. Her focus, in and out of the classroom, is building math identity in people so that they can better appreciate their ability to learn and experience the beautiful world of mathematics.