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Supporting Language Development in the Preschool Classroom (ages 2 - 5 Years)

This workshop is based on the premise that with increased opportunities to practice language in the classroom, young children will become more efficient communicators. Participants will be provided with a variety of classroom techniques that will engage children with a wide range of language abilities and will help them to listen, learn, and communicate most effectively. You will learn to analyze teacher communication styles and how to best match them to the language learning styles of your students. Using a timeline for development as a foundation, we will review the course of typical language acquisition and contrast it with language delay, differences, and disorders. We will use multisensory materials to practice how to incorporate language stimulation techniques into daily lessons in order to seize all interactions as language learning opportunities.
  • Focus On
    Ages 2 - 5 Years
  • Category
    Early Childhood, Online
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    $295 Course Fee


Summer 2 2021

  • Section 01: August 3, August 5
    • Suzanne L. Abrams
      Suzanne L. Abrams
      Suzanne L. Abrams, MS is a certified speech and language pathologist. She conducts workshops and training programs on language development, disorders, and treatment for language-impaired pre-school children. Ms. Abrams is currently in private practice in Manhattan and specializes in consulting to schools and families of children with atypical development. Ms. Abrams has a Master of Science (MS) degree in Speech Pathology from Teachers College at Columbia University. She also has a certification in Speech/Language Pathology from ASHA-the American Speech and Hearing Association.