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Meeting the Diverse Needs of Beginning Readers (Grades K-3)

In every classroom, some children take longer to master beginning reading skills. Teachers, therefore, need to develop a variety of materials and approaches to help all children, and particularly those having difficulty learning to read. We will discuss and demonstrate strategies you can use to enhance children's decoding and encoding skills. We will also review methods and engage in activities designed to improve reading comprehension skills. You will have the opportunity to explore how you can use these techniques in your individual school settings. some teaching experience is required.

Term(s) offered: Spring and Summer
Format: online
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    Grades K - 3
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    Childhood / Elementary School, Credit-bearing Courses, Online
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    $425 12.0 CTLE or 1.2 CEU
    $1,814 1.0 Credits


Spring 2024

  • Section 1:
    • Allison Arthur May
      Allison Arthur May
      Allison Arthur May holds an EdM in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University and an MEd in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Science/Environmental Education from Antioch New England, in Keene, NH. Her BA is in Philosophy and the Political Thought/Environmental Studies from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.

"This workshop was absolutely phenomenal!"

"A refreshing take on a most noteworthy topic. The presentations were well thought out, nicely organized, and taught with enthusiasm and care."

I came away with *format for guided reading groups *using running records as an ongoing assessment tool to help adjust groups and target instruction as needed *vocabulary activities *stronger understanding of how essential it is to teach phonics - and a great reminder of how hard it is to learn to decode! *how to use children's writing (developmental spelling) to inform instruction in guided reading groups."

"Ideas for vocabulary centers and activities. Also ideas for staff PD. For example, the decoding activity where we had to figure which words the symbols represent. The asynchronous work was helpful as well because the article was informative. The teacher did a nice job of introducing different technologies as well and showing how they can be used with students. I liked the work with the F & P continuum because it will help me identify what a student needs to love to a higher reading level."