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Supporting Emergent Literacy in the Classroom (ages 3-5 Years)

This course will help the literacy standards for Pre-K programs in a developmentally appropriate fashion. We will explore: -The role of classroom rountines and environment; -Children's expressive and receptive language skills and the components of literacy development; -Center-based, large and small group instruction; -Ways to read aloud effectively; -Supporting English language learners; -Methods of supporting children's emerging phonemic, phonological, and print awareness; -How to create meaningful writing experiences.
  • Focus On
    Ages 3 - 5 Years
  • Category
    Early Childhood, Online
  • Registration Options and Cost
    $425 12.0 CTLE or 1.2 CEU
    $1,710 1.0 Credits


Summer 2 2021

  • Section 01: July 6, July 7
    • Tali Berkovitz
      Tali Berkovitz
      Tali Berkovitz holds a PhD, where the focus on her studies was on the successful integration of dual language instruction, and an MA in Early Childhood Education from NYU. She holds a BS in Psychology from Brooklyn College, City University of New York