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Constructing a Democratic Clsrm: Focus On Routines, Rules and Transitions (Ages 3 - 10)

Routines, rules, and transitions may be thought of as providing the framework for the daily life of the classroom. The way in which they are constructed and carried out strongly affects the social, moral, and academic atmosphere in the setting. What does democracy mean in relation to routines, rules, and transitions? How can children have a voice in determining them? The ultimate goal is not simply to create order but also to encourage the development of both autonomy and a caring community. Topics to be considered are views of the nature of the child, developmental appropriateness, flexibility, the meaning of resistence, and how routines and transitions relate to academic learning and the various curriculum areas, particularly social studies. Teachers will examine and analyze the structures in their own and each others' classrooms.
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    Ages 3 - 9 Years
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    Childhood / Elementary School, Early Childhood, Online
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    $425 12.0 CTLE or 1.2 CEU
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Fall 2021

  • Section 1:
    • Candace Barriteau
      Candace Barriteau
      is an Assistant Professor at The College New Rochelle, Graduate School in the Early Childhood/Childhood program. Previously she was an elementary school teacher at a public school in Brooklyn, NY. She has also served as an Early Childhood Science Evaluator and Early Childhood Literacy Coach for the Educational Development Center (EDC) in New York City.  She is also a Curriculum Specialist for Teach for America during the NYC Summer Institute.  Candace received her PhD from NYU in the Department of Teaching and Learning and her MSEd in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College. She earned her BA in Political Science from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.

"I have a better picture in my mind of how to model a teaching style consistent with progressive developmental theory."
—Instructor, 20 years in the field

"I now have new strategies to use when it comes to routines and schedules in a preschool classroom and what to do if these ideas do not work."
—Joanna W, Co-Teacher, 6 years in the field

"It really got me thinking positively about democractic practices and how they would work in my classroom."
—Anonymous, 20+ years in the field

"I loved that the class was so inter-active. The sharing of cultures and ideas was very helpful. [I learned how] to involve all students, even little ones, in the decision making process and to look at my class as a community."
—Bracha S., Kindergarten Teacher, 32 years in the field