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Restorative Practices in the Early Grades (Grades 1–3)

Restorative practices hold great promise for shifting the power balance, structures, and approach of traditional classroom and disciplinary practice. At their core, restorative practices are equitable and explicitly anti-racist. They incorporate themes of social-emotional learning, racial and cultural equity, and relationship- and trust-building to promote healthier classrooms and schools. Restorative practices encourage us to engage in self-reflection, to participate on the same level as our students, and to actively question some of the assumptions many of us may hold. In this course, we will explore the foundational philosophy and values of restorative practices, familiarizing ourselves with common themes and practices as we adopt a restorative and transformative lens. Together we will engage with practical applications of restorative practices in the elementary classroom, trying them out together and reflecting on our experiences.
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    Grades K - 3
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    Childhood / Elementary School, Credit-bearing Courses, Online
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    $425 12.0 CTLE or 1.2 CEU
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Summer 2 2022

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    • Ellen Ferrin
      Ellen Ferrin