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Mindful Awareness for Educators (Ages 4-11 Yrs)

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to internal thoughts, sensations, emotions and external stimuli with kindness. Practicing Mindfulness in educational settings promotes self-regulation and metacognition, while enhancing attention and decreasing stress. In this workshop, you will learn activities to use in your classroom to support classroom instruction, community building, and social-emotional learning. We will also explore the history of Mindfulness, current Mindfulness research, and the impact it has on our minds and bodies. For teachers, administrators, parents, caregivers, child life specialists and museum educators.
Term(s) offered: Spring and Summer
Format: online
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    Ages 4 - 11 Years
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    Childhood / Elementary School, Online
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    $295 4.0 CTLE or 0.4 CEU


Spring 2024

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    • Bonnie Levine
      Bonnie Levine
      has been an educator for almost 20 years.  She has been leading Mindfulness and Education workshops for graduate students, educators and administrators throughout the tri-state area.  She earned her MSEd in Early Childhood and Childhood General Education program from Bank Street College of Education. Her BA is in Women’s Studies/Liberal Arts from SUNY Purchase.  For more information about Bonnie’s work visit  Read Ms. Levine's recent publication on the Huffington Post, What's In Your Mindful Toolbox? A PAWS/Pause

"The idea of taking mindful moments when doing routine tasks seems very manageable and applicable, even when teaching remotely." -Teacher, 2 years in the field

"I left with many great ideas to try out in my own practice and in my classroom."
     — Nikki, Teacher, 9 years in the field

"What a wonderful class that helped me deepen my understanding of mindfulness! I learned so many new mindfulness practices that I can't wait to use in my classroom."
     — Mary Kate, Teacher, 7 years in the field

"This was incredibly useful and powerful. I learned strategies to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day with my students, myself, and my family- especially my 3 year old daughter."
     — Teacher, 9 years in the field