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Mindful Awareness for Educators (ages 4 - 11 Years)

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to internal thoughts, sensations, emotions, and external stimuli with kindness. Practicing mindful awareness in educational settings supports self-regulation, self-knowing, and metacognition while enhancing attention and decreasing stress. In this experiential workshop, you will practice mindful awareness and will learn activities to use in your virtual and socially distanced classroom to support classroom instruction, community building, and social-emotional learning. Practicing mindful awareness can support ourselves and the children we care for as we plan for the end of this unprecedented school year. For teachers, administrators, parents, caregivers, child life specialists and museum educators. *This synchronous workshop meets online Eastern Time.
  • Focus On
    Ages 4 - 11 Years
  • Category
    Childhood / Elementary School, Online
  • Registration Options and Cost
    $295 5.0 CTLE or 0.5 CEU


Spring 2021

  • Section 01: April 27, April 29
    • Bonnie Levine
      Bonnie Levine
      Bonnie Levine, MSEd, is the founder of Mindful Classroom, an organization through which she has impacted thousands of students by designing and facilitating mindful awareness workshops, courses and weekend retreats for educators, administrators and parents. Bonnie currently serves as a founding faculty and is on the leadership team at WeGrow School. As Director of WePractice, Bonnie is instrumental in designing the foundational practices of WeGrow — mindfulness, yoga, social emotional and ethical curricula. She oversees the contemplative practices at WeGrow, mentoring classroom teachers and educating students ages 7-10. She also serves as the Reggio inspired studio teacher for students ages 3-10, and is passionate about providing experiences for material-based explorations and contexts for making learning visible. Bonnie is a master teacher who has been an educator for 20 years, in the role of classroom teacher and social studies/science curriculum advisor. She is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation and yoga and is dedicated to building a kinder and more compassionate world. Bonnie is also a ceramic artist whose work currently utilizes thrown forms that are altered and reference the human form while exploring concepts of strength, vulnerability, and connection. She exhibits in galleries throughout NYC.

"The idea of taking mindful moments when doing routine tasks seems very manageable and applicable, even when teaching remotely." -Teacher, 2 years in the field

"I left with many great ideas to try out in my own practice and in my classroom."
     — Nikki, Teacher, 9 years in the field

"What a wonderful class that helped me deepen my understanding of mindfulness! I learned so many new mindfulness practices that I can't wait to use in my classroom."
     — Mary Kate, Teacher, 7 years in the field

"This was incredibly useful and powerful. I learned strategies to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day with my students, myself, and my family- especially my 3 year old daughter."
     — Teacher, 9 years in the field