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Cultivating Connection, Communic & Joy in the Age of Covid-19 (grades K-8)

As socially distanced teaching or remote teaching (or a hybrid of both) remains our new normal, how can teachers tailor curricula to help students make sense of their emotional responses to the pandemic, develop community with each other, and find joy and meaning in their schoolwork? This workshop outlines how creative writing, games, feedback frameworks, and other techniques can empower students to manage their anxiety and connect with peers (and have a bit more fun at school, to boot). A digital folder of practical resources will be shared with you after each session.
  • Focus On
    Grades 1 - 8
  • Category
    Childhood / Elementary School, Middle School / Early Adolescence, Online
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    $195 Course Fee


Summer 2 2021

  • Section 01: July 19, July 21
    • Lily Howard Scott
      Lily Howard Scott
      Lily Howard Scott, MS, started her career as a teaching artist and has worked with children as a 1st-5th grade classroom teacher in both private and public schools. She is particularly interested in designing curriculum that weaves together social, emotional, and academic learning, and she has led professional development workshops on increasing student agency through creative drama and helping children explore and empathize with varied perspectives. Her writing about the importance of a child-centered, holistic approach to teaching and learning has been published in The Washington Post, and she is currently writing a book about how to help students cultivate emotional literacy through language arts instruction. Howard Scott holds a MS in Elementary Education and Literacy from Bank Street College. Her BS from Northwestern University is in Theater and History.