Remote Learning – Information for Students

Following New York City’s lead, Bank Street College has closed its building and programs on 112th Street through summer. During this time, classes and conference groups will be held online. Resources for students, including online learning tools and information about contacting student services, is below.

Our primary concern is making sure that everyone in our community is safe, healthy, and supported to the extent that we possibly can. We ask that you contact Gretchen Adams at gadams@bankstreet.edu or 212-875-4461 if you think you may have been exposed to, or test positive for, COVID-19.

If you find yourself feeling anxious or in need of additional support, you can reach out to Peggy McNamara, mam@bankstreet.edu, who can help refer you to counseling services.

Notes on Summer 1 and Summer 2 Terms

Course meetings will be held via Zoom. The courses will maintain the days and times that were described in the catalog but the sessions will be shorter. On average, synchronous sessions will last no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the course, though there may be some variations. Most classes will start the synchronous meeting at the scheduled start time. The Zoom link for each meeting will be available in the Canvas space for the course. Please, make sure you regularly check your course in Canvas for updated information from your instructor.

Class meetings will be complemented with asynchronous and out-of-class activities to fulfill the requirements of the course. These activities may be individual, in small groups, or in pairs. You will need to assign times outside of the meeting times to do these activities (3-4 hours weekly of classwork apart from the time for readings and assignments) that may involve meeting virtually with other students in small groups and/or with your instructor.

  • Online Learning Tools

    To self enroll in an online course, please follow this link.

    Bank Street will use two main tools to communicate with you: Canvas (Learning Management System) and Zoom (video conferencing platform). More information about these tools is below.

    Accessing Canvas

    Participate in Class Meetings Via Zoom

    Many of the Library’s resources are available digitally and you can reach out to Library staff via email. The Canvas course: Students Resources for Remote Learning has information on how to access the Library remotely.

  • Guidelines for Participating in Synchronous Meetings

    To participate in a Zoom meeting, you need a computer with a camera and microphone (built-in or external webcam) and a stable internet connection. We encourage you to create a free account and test your system by hosting a session with a friend.

    • Sessions start and end on time. Plan to set up and log in a few minutes early and test your audio, microphone, and camera every session. We encourage everyone to have their camera on so we can see each other. We understand this may be uncomfortable for some people at this time, so please communicate with your instructor if you have specific needs.
    • Book this time as class time. Find a quiet place. Sit at a table. Try to diminish distractions (turn off cell phones, use the restroom in advance, etc.). Keep a notebook and pen or anything you may need at hand to reduce the need to get up once the session starts.
    • Turn on your camera and see how others will see you. Ensure your face is visible (light in front of your face, not behind you), make sure you are appropriately dressed, and consider what is visible in the background. You can sit with your back to a wall or use a digital background from the Zoom settings.
    • After you test your audio and microphone, mute your microphone and keep it muted when not talking (this reduces sound problems). You will unmute it to talk. Use earphones for better sound and for privacy.
    • If possible, close the door to the room. If there is another person in the house, let them know that you will be in class and ask that they don’t interrupt you.
    • All meetings are confidential. Please ensure no one is listening in. This is especially important in Conference Group Meetings, which are confidential conversations.
  • Internet Connection Tips

    If you do not have an internet connection:

    If your internet connection is weak or unstable:

    • Turn off your camera to improve the audio.
    • Use your smartphone:
      • Use your smartphone’s hotspot to connect your computer to cellular data.
      • Download the Zoom app from the app store on your phone and use the app.
      • Dial in to the call with your phone and use the phone for audio and the computer only for visual.
  • Student Services Information

    Below is some information about what to expect around services for graduate students during this closure.

    Graduate Suite
    You can continue to email Graduate School leadership and support staff in the Graduate Suite at graduateschool@bankstreet.edu with any questions. If you need to speak to someone, you can call 212-875-4467 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

    Registrar’s Office
    Emailing registrar@bankstreet.edu is the best way to reach the Registrar’s Office. Transcript requests will only be done once a week. At this time, all transcript request forms should be sent via email to the above email address. The staff will continue to work on degree audits for any students graduating this term. All other requests will be handled by email.

    Financial Aid Office
    The Financial Aid Office will continue to function and process financial aid and we don’t anticipate any delays. Email finaid@bankstreet.edu with any questions.

    Bursar’s Office
    The Bursar’s Office is available by email at bursar@bankstreet.edu. If you need to speak with someone, you can call the office at 212-961-3369 and leave a voicemail. Someone from the office will return your call.

    Certification Office
    All certification requests will be processed remotely. You can email any questions to certification@bankstreet.edu.

    Office of Graduate Admissions (for graduate students applying for another program)
    There will be a delay in the processing of official transcripts and other paper documents received by mail during this time. If possible, please upload materials into your admissions portal or forward digital copies of all materials to gradadmissions@bankstreet.edu. Admissions staff can be reached by email at gseenrollment@bankstreet.edu or by phone at 212-652-8722.

    For any of the above offices, you can also request a virtual meeting if you need to meet with someone. And as always, faculty are available via email.

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