Our Faculty

Sean O’Shea

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor & Course Instructor

Sean began his career as a teacher for students with emotional and behavioral variations. Over time, he had the privilege of working with students with intellectual, learning , and physical variations. As an administrator, he worked in District 75, as a Supervisor of Hospital Schools, a building administrator, and Citywide Director of Supplementary Programs for At-Risk Students. Later he was Manhattan Deputy Superintendent for Compliance and School Improvement, and DOE Administrator of Transition Programs. His career has been dedicated to ensuring that children have access to programs and services promised under the law and as the outcome of class action lawsuits. His work as an advocate continues as a pro-bono consultant to caregivers and families, as well as to staff at community organizations such as museums. At Bank Street, Sean is dedicated to supporting educators in their essential roles as advocates for the educational benefit of all children, especially those at-risk for being overlooked and underserved in their settings.

Educational Background

EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University


OShea, S. (1996). Does Special Education Experience Make A Difference In Inclusion? Impact on Instructional Improvement/NYSASCD 25(2), 48-53, Spring, 1996.