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Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist


  • Program Overview

    This dynamic program is grounded in real world application with a strong focus on social justice and advocacy for adolescents and their families.

    In this program you will be prepared to teach in a variety of inclusive and self contained special education settings. You will learn to work with students with a range of learning, social emotional, and behavioral variations, including those with high and low incidence disabilities.

    Our program is grounded in a progressive philosophy with a strong emphasis on building on students’ experiences and prior knowledge to create and adapt curriculum and assessments so that they are relevant and responsive to today’s demands. You will develop your skills in working collaboratively across teams to support adolescents throughout their transitions across school, family, and community.

    Upon completion of this two year program, you will become eligible for New York State certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist, provided you complete all other State certification requirements.

    This program culminates in a Master of Science in Education and requires 42-45 credits.

    We are not accepting applications to this program at this time. Please reach out to the Admissions Office if you would like to explore other program options.

    Small group work in a graduate school class

  • Admissions Requirements

    In addition to the main admissions criteria, there are additional requirements needed to apply for this program:

    We are not accepting applications to this program at this time. Please reach out to the Admissions Office if you would like to explore other program options.

  • Coursework

    The coursework in this program is grounded in developmental interaction theory. You will find a heavy emphasis on the realities of the lives of today’s adolescents in their schools, families, and communities. Social justice, inquiry, and advocacy are emphasized throughout the program. Our courses feature practical application with students, schools, colleagues, families, and/or community organizations so that you can continually make connections between theory and practice. You will gain an understanding of adult development which informs the important development of collaboration skills so that you will be well prepared to support the various transitions that adolescents with disabilities navigate within school and beyond.

    View the coursework in this program. 

  • Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

    We believe that fieldwork is a core component of our program. During the second year of this program, you will complete a year of in-classroom fieldwork in public, private, or charter school settings. You will receive a tremendous amount of support during your fieldwork. You and 5-6 other graduate students will participate in weekly small-group advisement sessions with an experienced faculty mentor, ensuring that your teaching connects meaningfully to coursework and that you are challenged and supported throughout the program. Your advisor will also visit you monthly for half a day in the fieldwork setting to provide individualized support toward your growth. You will also meet monthly with your advisor to provide you with individual time for ongoing supportive conversations throughout the fieldwork year.

    New York State requires all graduate students in this program to have supervised fieldwork experiences in a special education or inclusion setting in grades 7-9 and in grades 10-12, as well as in an under-resourced public or charter school/program. Student teachers fulfill these experiences through their placements in the fall and spring. Working teachers and assistants must enroll in an additional fieldwork placement, where they will be placed by Bank Street in the appropriate setting to fulfill their degree requirements.

  • Career Opportunities

    This program prepares you to work in inclusive and special education settings for students in 7th-12th grades in public and private school settings. You will be qualified to teach in self contained, integrated co-teaching classrooms, and pull-out programs.

  • Faculty

Alumni Voices

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