Meet Our Alumni
2021 Bank Street Graduate School of Education graduate Shelby Brody

Shelby Brody

Teaching Literacy and Childhood General Education '20

I am a reader. I read. All the time. Reading is what made me want to become a teacher. I wanted to encourage kids to love reading the way that I love reading.

Shelby Brody was selected by our Reading & Literacy faculty to give a speech about their experiences as a student at Bank Street Graduate School of Education’s 2020–2021 graduation ceremony. A Chicago native, Shelby taught grade 5 humanities at Bank Street’s School for Children while earning their master’s degree and is currently a fourth-grade head teacher at Grace Church School. Shelby is also a certified Literacy Specialist.

You can also read Shelby’s article on “Gender-Inclusive Children’s Literature as a Preventative Measure: Moving Beyond a Reactive Approach to LGBTQ+ Topics in the Classroom,” which was published in Bank Street’s Occasional Paper Series #44.