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Alumni Tutoring Network

Welcome to Bank Street’s Alumni Tutoring Network. Coordinated by the Bank Street College Alumni Association, the network functions as a peer support group to help our community of Graduate School alumni connect with one another, share best practices around tutoring, and build their client rosters.

The network is open to all alumni, including working tutors and other educators who are considering entering the tutoring landscape. Additionally, as tutoring practices can translate to a number of other educational settings, we encourage non-tutoring alumni interested in learning new information or networking opportunities to join us. Regular virtual meetings will provide participants with opportunities to share information, ask and answer questions, and learn more from special speakers and experts.

If you are looking for a tutor, we encourage you to create an account with CareerConnect, Bank Street’s automated job listing system for students and alumni. We also hope you’ll join our Alumni Tutoring Network LinkedIn group to network with other network members and share updates and resources.

To receive regular updates from the Alumni Tutoring Network, details on future discussions and meeting content, and up-to-date access information for online meetings, email and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

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Meet Laurie Green, Alumni Tutoring Network Liaison

Laurie GreenLaurie Green, GSE ’05, has taught young children in private and public schools throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn for over two decades. With two master’s degrees from Bank Street in early childhood education and in advanced literacy, Laurie looks back on her transformative experience both as a student and a graduate to share memorable Bank Street resources and teachings in her own words:

“Studying in the early childhood graduate program at Bank Street was essential to my development as an educator in two very important ways. First, I learned the value of observing children as they work and play. I cannot underestimate the significance of this way of getting to know a child. As a teacher for more than twenty years, I have used a social studies curriculum as the foundation of the work my students did in the classroom, in the community, and in greater New York City. The Bank Street College Library and other research resources have been invaluable to me as a teacher for many years. Additionally, I have been able to use the research and writing of past and present faculty to enhance my understanding of teaching and learning. The sharing of resources by Bank Street College Alumni is a fantastic way to continue as an adult learner.”

For information on how to reach Laurie and other Bank Street educators from the Alumni Tutoring Network, please contact