Leadership in Math Education Master’s Program

Whether you’re looking to transition into an educational leadership role or hone your leadership skills, Bank Street will help you take this transformative next step in your career.

Bank Street’s specialized Leadership in Mathematics Education master’s degree program is a fully online, 16-month program designed for passionate educators who want to effect positive change at the school, district, state, and national levels. As an aspiring leader, you’ll have the support of like-minded educators, math teachers, coaches, and administrators studying strategies of progressive educational reform. You’ll gain a full range of essential instructional leadership skills, including curriculum development and assessment practices. You’ll build on your knowledge of adult development while deepening your own math content knowledge. These capacities will serve your evolving vision for leadership in mathematics. 

Because Bank Street is a national leader in the field of education with expertise in implementing systems-level change, our graduates stand out in their depth of experience and level of knowledge. They become school principals, superintendents, district leaders, administrators, directors, and more. 

Join our collaborative and supportive education community today to learn how to better support teachers and create strategies that advance mathematical creativity and computational fluency.

Our MSEd Program

This educational leadership program prepares math education professionals to lead children, colleagues, and organizations to new levels of achievement.

  • Two educators talking during pd sessionFor educators who aspire to leadership positions
  • 100% online coursework you can complete in 16 months, including supervised fieldwork at a location that works for you
  • One of the few programs in the nation that prepares you to inspire and lead change for strong math curricula
  • Earn New York State School Building Leader certification. If you live outside of New York, you can pursue certification in your home state
  • Prepares you for supervisory roles including principal, director, curriculum specialist, researcher, and more
  • Scholarships available

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Our Approach

  • We’re for educators who want to spend every day face to face with the future.

    Bank Street holds a unique and highly regarded place in the world of education. We were trailblazers when we were founded in 1916—and our ideas, which were once radical, are widely practiced and accepted today. If you want to shape the future of education, this is where you start.
    Teacher smiling while two kids work
  • We’re for democracy and equity.

    Our commitment to democracy and social justice is at the heart of our innovative pedagogy and desire to help all learners, both children and adults, actively make sense of the world. Equity and equality are always in a Bank Street educator’s mind—we meet students “where they are” in their learning with strengths-based activities and socially, emotionally, and culturally appropriate support.
    Teacher and two students smiling
  • We're for sharing good ideas.

    For a small institution, our reach is broad. Our mix of graduate and continuing education coursework, research programs, and professional partnerships with school districts across the country aims to expand and improve educational opportunities for all students.
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Financial Aid

At Bank Street, we believe education is an investment that will change your life—and the lives of the students you’ll work with. We’ll help you make it possible.

Every year, Bank Street’s Office of Financial Aid administers over $8.5 million in financial aid to students.  More than 50 percent of our students receive financial aid. Your individual financial status from the prior year is a key factor in determining your award. We encourage you to go through the financial aid process to find out what we can offer.

  • Do I qualify for financial aid based on my income?

    Your individual financial status from the prior year is a key factor in determining your award. Incoming students who earn up to $80,000 a year (or significantly more for students with families) are likely to qualify for a need-based scholarship at Bank Street. Our scholarship program makes the cost of attending Bank Street Graduate School of Education competitive with most other private schools in the New York region.

  • When should I apply for financial aid?

    You can apply for financial aid at the same time you complete your admission application. Filling out the FAFSA as early as possible is an important step for financial aid. Federal student aid, including scholarships, can significantly reduce your financial obligation without adding to student debt.

  • What types of scholarship opportunities are available for me?

    Our financial aid advisors would be happy to tell you more about the process and our many scholarship opportunities for new and continuing students, including external scholarships and program-based, diversity-oriented, public school-focused, and career changer scholarships, among others.

Why Bank Street?

Leadership Expertise

Bank Street has a rich portfolio of work leading change efforts in schools and communities across the country in collaboration with schools, districts, programs, and policymakers.

Prepared for the Long Run

Bank Street is proud that 87% of its graduates remain in the field of education and 87% feel more confident in their specialty than comparison professionals.

A National Reputation

Our graduates are highly regarded by schools, educational organizations, and other places of learning across the country. A degree from Bank Street will help you stand out as a forward-thinking educator and leader who is confident, well-prepared, and ready to thrive. 

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Saturday Math

Meet the Leadership in Mathematics program team on Saturday mornings to share ideas learn from other math teacher and leaders, and discuss your curriculum and instructional challenges and successes
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Alumni Voices
The Leadership in Math Education program at Bank Street is transformative. It pushes you in directions you never imagined because it offers you a safe space to take risks… and also gives you the chance to see yourself as a leader regardless of your title. Words from my first day of orientation had a lasting impact on me: ‘It doesn’t take a title to be a leader. A leader is influential.’ As a result of this program, I have… a vision of myself as a leader and… deeply believe that I am influential.
Kate Smallberg, GSE ’18
Lindsay McGrath
Alumni Voices
I chose to study at Bank Street because of its progressive and inclusive approach to educating children and adults. I believe that Bank Street is one of the leading institutions when it comes to developing progressive educators and school leaders, and the Graduate School is helping me to become an even more effective and impactful educator for all of my students and families.
Mel Allan, GSE '19