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Leadership in Mathematics Education (Online)


  • Program Overview

    Our Leadership in Mathematics Education program, designed for teachers, academic coaches, or administrators who want to become school leaders with a deeper understanding of mathematics, is a fully online 16-month program.  

    While candidates earn New York State School Building Leader certification, those who live outside of New York can pursue certification in their home states based on completion of an approved program in New York. 

    This unique program combines opportunities for candidates to learn more mathematics, enhance mathematics pedagogy, delve deeply into professional development issues, and learn a full range of essential school leadership skills from anywhere in the country. 

    During this program, students engage in intensive course work in adult development, action research, mathematics, mathematics leadership, and school building leadership. Students are expected to assume a range of leadership responsibilities with an emphasis on professional development in mathematics.

    Graduate faculty working with students in math class

  • Admissions Requirements

    In addition to the main admissions criteria, there are additional requirements needed to apply for this program:

    • Applicant must demonstrate three years of paid, full-time work experience as a classroom teacher (must be as a head teacher or lead teacher, not as an assistant or associate teacher). Applicants to the Leadership in Mathematics Education program typically have at least five years of teaching experience.
    • This program does not require a background in mathematics.

    • One letter of recommendation must come from a supervisor (Assistant Principal, Principal, Site Director, Head of School, etc.).
  • Coursework

  • Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

    During the course of the program, students engage in guided field assignments which are instrumental in supporting professional growth and development. Through supervised fieldwork/advisement, candidates engage in leadership activities and develop the capacity to integrate theory and practice.  

    Conference Groups: Two meetings per month during the two fall semesters, spring semester, and summer 1 semester; one meeting per week during the summer 2 semesters. 

    Site Visits: There will be eight virtual site visits during the tenure of the program.

    Individual Meetings: Eight one-hour individual meetings throughout the 16 months with your advisor.

    Culminating Project Shares: Students are required to attend culminating project shares as part of advisement hours.

  • Career Opportunities

    After graduating, you will be eligible for supervisory roles in schools, including principal, assistant principal, director of a math department, or a curriculum specialist. This degree will also support you in moving into roles that support professional development in mathematics as a consultant, math coach, or mathematics researcher and writer.

    By adding five additional credits of course work in School District Leadership, candidates who have completed 60 graduate credits may also be recommended for New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification after passing the New York State examination. Note that it is no longer possible to secure this certificate through an individual transcript review.

  • Faculty

  • Scholarship Opportunities for Math Leadership

    Applicants applying to the Leadership in Mathematics Education program are automatically considered for a number of our scholarships by filling out a FAFSA form.

    If you have at least 5 years of classroom teaching experience, with at least 50% of the time devoted to mathematics education, you may qualify for the National Science Foundation Fellowship for Teacher Leaders in Math Education.


    For more information, visit the Scholarships page.

Dionne Beckford alumna, Bank Street Graduate School of Education '09
Meet our alumni
Each semester in my advisory group, we read a common text that focused on equity and racism, which led to many important conversations in a very supportive environment. Through these conversations, I developed strong bonds with the other students, and it helped to make my grad school experience more personal.
Dionne Beckford - Leadership in Mathematics Education '20
Meet Dionne Meet Our Alumni
Alumna Rachel Phillips, Leadership in Mathematics Education ’21
Meet our alumni
The fieldwork and advisement impacted me professionally because we were all learning from each other’s experiences, working together as a group, and supporting each other.
Rachel Phillips - Leadership in Mathematics Education '21
Meet Rachel Meet Our Alumni
Two women working on a math problem

Saturday Math

Sponsored by the Leadership in Mathematics Education program, Saturday Math gathers math teachers, coaches, and administrators on four Saturday mornings a year for coffee, bagels, and a facilitated session on a selected topic in the teaching of mathematics. Topics may be curriculum specific (e.g., “Making the Fraction, Decimal & Percent connection”) or instruction specific (e.g., “Teaching Mathematics in the Inclusion Classroom”).

Alum Honored with 2020 Gaynor McCown Teaching Award

Dawoun Jyung, a 6th grade math teacher and Crew Advisor at MELS, a NYC Outward Bound School, is “someone who makes math come alive for students.” She was honored for her commitment to NYC Outward Bound Schools’ educational approach, which joins together demanding and engaging academics with an emphasis on community and character.