Enough Is Enough

Confidential Reporting

Reporting of instances of sexual misconduct can be either confidential or private. For a service resource to report confidentially means that crimes are not reported to law enforcement or College officials without your permission, except for extreme circumstances. Extreme circumstances are those that threaten the health and/or safety of the student or another identified student. Confidential sources include persons who, by law, have special professional status such as licensed mental health counselors, medical providers, and pastoral counselors. See below for a list of confidential resources. Students can expect privacy from their Advisor, Director or Department Chair but these roles are required to report all incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, or to the Chief Human Resources is not confidential.

Privacy versus Confidentiality

Even though the College offices and employees designated above cannot hold the fact of an act of sexual misconduct in confidence, they are able to and will maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible. The information you provide to a non-confidential resource will be relayed only as necessary to investigate and/or seek a resolution and to notify the Title IX Coordinator or designee, who is responsible under the law for tracking patterns and spotting systemic issues. Bank Street College will limit the disclosure as much as possible, even if the Title IX Coordinator determines that the request for confidentiality cannot be honored.

Confidential Disclosure

Off-campus options to disclose sexual violence confidentially include the following. (These outside options do not provide any information to the campus.)

  • Off-campus counselors and advocates. Crisis services offices will generally maintain confidentiality unless you request disclosure and sign a consent or waiver form. More information on an agency’s policies on confidentiality may be obtained directly from the agency.