Our Faculty

Cristian R. Solorza

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor & Course InstructorEducational Consultant

Cristian has been part of Bank Street College’s faculty since 2003. He teaches Curriculum Development and Sheltered Instruction in Dual Language Bilingual Classrooms, Native Language Literacy for Spanish-Speaking Children, and advises students in dual language bilingual and special education settings. Before joining the Bank Street community, Cristian was an early childhood educator and later a dual language bilingual NYC elementary school teacher. His degrees include an MSEd in dual language bilingual childhood special and general education and a MEd in school leadership from Bank Street College. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Urban Education at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Mr. Solorza is also an educational consultant that has been working with schools and districts for over a decade in helping them improve the design and delivery of programs for emergent bilinguals in New York and abroad. Cristian supports administrators, English as a New Language (ENL), special education, bilingual, and monolingual classroom teachers with the assessment of English/bilingual learners, reading/writing with beginner/intermediate language learners, language & disability, implementation of the Common Core State Standards, coaching, lesson study, bilingual word study, ICT/ENL/classroom teacher collaboration, translanguaging, and the restructuring of curricula and modification of lessons to meet the needs of multilingual learners.

Educational Background

EdM, Leadership for Educational Change, Bank Street College of Education

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