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Admitted Students

Welcome! The following information will help guide you in your transition to Bank Street.

  • Reply to our Offer of Admission

    Grad students walking on BroadwayImportant information about your admissions decision is hosted on your application status page. At the top of the application portal, you’ll see “Status Update” with a link to view any relevant updates.

    In addition to your acceptance letter, you will see a link to a form entitled “Reply to our Offer of Admission.” If you have decided to join our community, click on that link to confirm your intent to enroll.  A $250 enrollment fee will be due with this form to secure your spot in the incoming class.

  • Review Your Financial Aid Information

    bank street entranceThe Office of Financial Aid sends an Estimated Financial Aid Award Notice to eligible students who have been accepted into a graduate program, completed the FAFSA, and submitted all required documentation. An Award Notice indicates the combination of scholarship(s), subsidized/unsubsidized loans, and all other awards for which the student is eligible. In addition, a Disclosure Statement is sent to eligible students from the U.S. Department of Education Loan Origination Center confirming the amounts of subsidized/unsubsidized loans requested by students for the relevant fiscal year.

    Bank Street’s financial aid team is here to help make the process as clear as possible for you. We encourage you to visit the financial aid page for more information or to ask specific questions about your financial aid package. Learn more about tuition and fees.

  • Missing Prerequisites

    students playing peekabooIf you have been accepted to Bank Street with certain requirements to fulfill, additional correspondence regarding any outstanding prerequisites will be sent to you after your initial acceptance letter has gone out. This information is housed in your application portal, and you may need to click the link under “Status Update” to view this correspondence.

    Here are the things you may need to look for:

    These are some of the most common provisions to an acceptance. Any special one outside the prerequisites listed above will be explained to you.

  • Registration Information

    students playing peekaboo with hands openAn invitation to register for courses will be sent to the email address associated with your application. You will receive this invitation once you have replied to our offer of admission and your $250 enrollment fee is paid. This email will include your appointed registration time.

    Be sure to reach out to your advisor prior to your appointed registration time to discuss your schedule. For now, your program director is your advisor. We encourage you to contact your advisor if you have any questions about your program and the curriculum.

    If you are not able to register for courses by the registration deadline, you can still register for classes on the first day of the term in which you are admitted. A $25 late registration fee will be charged and advisors will be available to meet with students to provide academic counsel.

    To look at course schedules, add/drop a course, learn about the steps to certification, or learn more about the Integrative Master’s Project, visit the Registrar’s Office page.

  • After Registering For Classes

    child-life student teacher with childFulfill health and immunization requirements:

    New York State law requires you to provide us with proof of immunization prior to the beginning of the term. If you were born on or before 1/1/1957, you are exempt. This form should be in your admissions packet. If you need another copy, download a PDF version. To confirm that we’ve received your form, contact the Registrar’s Office.

    Student email addresses:

    All matriculated (degree-seeking) students are given email accounts. After you are accepted into a program and you register for the first time, you will be notified at the end of registration that your email address has been created. 

    Accessing Canvas (our learning management system) once classes start:

    As you get closer to the start of the semester, you’ll want to access the College’s Learning Management System, Canvas. This is where you’ll find important information about the classes you’ve registered for. You will be able to access Canvas as soon as you receive your Bank Street email address, which is assigned to you in the days after you register for classes. To access Canvas:

    • Log in to the Bank Street website using your email and password.
    • Next to your name, on the upper right-hand corner, there is a drop-down menu. Open it and select “Canvas Courses.”
    • You should see each of your enrolled courses as a square tile on your Canvas dashboard.

    Purchase your textbooks:

    Bank Street College partners with an online bookstore with deep discounts, a large used book supply, and a built-in marketplace for buying your books and selling them back at the end of the term. To find your required books:

    • Choose your term from the list on the main page.
    • Either scroll down to find your course or click the first letter of your course’s name to narrow the results. Click your course to bring up the assigned booklist.
    • After adding all the books you need to your shopping cart, click “Check Out” and follow the on-screen instructions. Visit our online bookstore to purchase textbooks.

    Get your student ID card:

    Newly accepted students should have their photo taken for an ID card during the first week of classes. Before or after your classes, go to the security desk with your Bank Street ID number on hand and request a photo for your ID. Your ID card will be ready within a few days. Online students will have their IDs mailed to them (just make sure you upload a photo to our learning management system, Canvas, once classes start).

    Where classes will be held for on-campus programs:

    Room numbers will be posted on the website course schedule a few days before the start of the term. During the first day of any given semester, a list of courses and their room numbers will be posted on the main bulletin board in the lobby of the College by the elevators. If you need assistance finding your classroom, ask the security desk in the front of the lobby.

  • Additional Resources


    Although Bank Street College does not provide on-campus housing, we have compiled a list of resources you can utilize if you are searching for a place to live in New York City. Students are also encouraged to exchange housing information on our Admitted Student Facebook page.

    Enrollment Verifications/Loan Deferrments:

    To request that a general letter of verification be sent to a third party, please make your request in writing to the Registrar’s Office. To request an In-School Deferment Verification be sent to student loan lenders, please provide a copy of your lender’s In-School Deferment Form and fax or mail it to the Registrar.

    Disabilities Services Office:

    Bank Street College recognizes its responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities while maintaining the standards that are fundamental to the academic integrity of its programs.  Visit the Disabilities Services Office page for more information on accommodations and steps needed to register.

    Office of Career Services:

    The Office of Career Services, along with advisors and faculty, plays an active role in helping you find challenging and interesting positions in education and related fields. Services are provided to alumni and to students matriculated in degree programs. You are encouraged to take advantage of the variety of services the office has to offer at the beginning of your matriculation.

    Get Involved:

    The Council of Students (COS) is the graduate student organization of Bank Street College. COS deals with issues pertaining to the quality of student life at the College and liaise between the students and various constituents that make up the administration and staff.

    Important Dates:

    Stay on top of important dates and events by checking our academic calendar

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