Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference

Past Conferences

2021 Keynote (pdf)
“Lost and Found: Weaving a Path from Isolation to Connection in the Healing Classroom”

2020 Keynote (pdf)
“The Story of Teacher Mental Health in Our Time” by Lesley Koplow

2019 Keynote (pdf)
“When Education and Mental Health Hold Hands: A Walk Through the Secret Life of Classrooms” by Lesley Koplow

2018 Keynote (pdf)
“Why Children Go to the Nurse” by Lesley Koplow

2017 Keynote (pdf)
“Light in the Schoolhouse Window: Helping Children Find Their Way in Dark Times” by Lesley Koplow

2016 Keynote (pdf)
“Building Strong Enough School Community: Lessons from the Three Little Pigs” by Lesley Koplow