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Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference

Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference is a day of collaboration and study of Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) in early childhood, elementary, and middle school settings. This annual conference supports teachers, social workers, and administrators to develop a deep understanding of child development, social and emotional foundations for learning and well-being, parent engagement, and mastery of supportive techniques for building safe and nurturing school communities.

Emotionally Responsive Practice is consistent with SAMHSA’s definition of trauma-informed care.

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2019 Conference

The 2019 conference included a keynote by Lesley Koplow on “When Education and Mental Health Hold Hands: A Walk Through the Secret Life of Classrooms” and workshops that centered on Immigration Issues in the Classroom, Using Teddy Bears in the Classroom, Emotionally Responsive Literacy as a Reflective Technique, and more.
  • ERP conference participants at table for a group discussion
  • Margaret Blachly sharing a book at a workshop
  • Three educators at ERP conference
  • Group activities in the auditorium at the ERP conference
  • Educator uses string during an art activity at ERP conference
  • Participants work with beads and teddy bears during an activity
  • Lesley Koplow presents keynote on stage
  • Educators using teddy bears at an ERP workshop