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Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference

Bank Street’s Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference is a day of collaboration and study of Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) in early childhood, elementary, and middle school settings. This annual conference supports teachers, social workers, and administrators to develop a deep understanding of child development, social and emotional foundations for learning and well-being, parent engagement, and mastery of supportive techniques for building safe and nurturing school communities.  This year’s conference will be virtual, and will address the challenges of being a teacher, administrator or school social worker through this time of crisis.

Emotionally Responsive Practice is consistent with SAMHSA’s definition of trauma informed care.

This year’s virtual conference, ERP in Times of Crisis, was held on Friday, December 4.

Read they Keynote, “The Story of Teacher Mental Health in Our Time,” by Lesley Koplow (pdf)

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2019 Conference

The 2019 conference included a keynote by Lesley Koplow on “When Education and Mental Health Hold Hands: A Walk Through the Secret Life of Classrooms” and workshops that centered on Immigration Issues in the Classroom, Using Teddy Bears in the Classroom, Emotionally Responsive Literacy as a Reflective Technique, and more.
  • ERP conference participants at table for a group discussion
  • Margaret Blachly sharing a book at a workshop
  • Three educators at ERP conference
  • Group activities in the auditorium at the ERP conference
  • Educator uses string during an art activity at ERP conference
  • Participants work with beads and teddy bears during an activity
  • Lesley Koplow presents keynote on stage
  • Educators using teddy bears at an ERP workshop