National Science Foundation Fellowship for Teacher Leaders in Math Education

Apply Now to Become a Leader in Math Education

Great news! Thanks to an exciting new grant from the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, Bank Street Graduate School of Education is offering an extraordinary opportunity for New York City public school math teachers to earn their master’s degree in Math Leadership for a fraction of the cost: You’ll be considered for a scholarship that covers over 70% of tuition costs!

A limited number of fellowships are available—we encourage you to submit your application to join our next cohort.

About the Program

With this scholarship, you’ll experience Bank Street’s specialized Leadership in Mathematics Education master’s degree program. This 16-month fully online program is designed for aspiring leaders who want to effect positive change at the school, district, state, and national levels.

During this program, you’ll become part of a supportive and like-minded community of faculty, math teachers, coaches, and administrators. You’ll study strategies of progressive educational reform and gain a full range of essential instructional leadership skills, including curriculum development and assessment practices. You’ll also build on your knowledge of adult development while deepening your own math content knowledge.

The program extends past graduation, too. In your second year, you’ll begin a four-year fellowship program, offered in partnership with the New York Hall of Science, that will provide ongoing professional learning after graduation and a $10,000-per-year stipend while you continue your career as a classroom teacher.

  • Online Course Sequence

    First Summer 2 Semester (7 credits)

    LEAD 946 Summer Advisement 1 credit
    MATH 541 Integrated Mathematics I 3 credits
    LEAD 503 Adult Development: Implications for Educational Leadership 3 credits

    First Fall Semester (6 credits)

    LEAD 945 Advisement/Supervised Field Work 2 credits
    MATH 525 Mathematics for Leaders of Inclusive Schools: Supporting Teachers in Meeting the Needs of All Learners 3 credits
    LEAD 667 Research for Mathematics Leaders I 1 credit

    Spring Semester (6 credits)

    LEAD 945 Advisement/Supervised Field Work 2 credits
    LEAD 668 Research for Mathematics Leaders II 1 credit
    LEAD 615 Processes of Supervision and Professional Development 3 credits

    Summer 1 Semester (4 credits)

    LEAD 946 Summer Advisement 1 credit
    MATH 542 Integrated Mathematics II 3 credits

    Second Summer 2 Semester (7 credits)

    LEAD 946 Summer Advisement 1 credit
    MATH543 Integrated Mathematics III 3 credits
    LEAD 827 Understanding Quantitative Data: Implications for Educational Leaders 3 credits

    Second Fall Semester (7 credits)

    LEAD 945 Advisement/Supervised Field Work 2 credits
    LEAD 510 Leading Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction 3 credits
    LEAD 535 Foundations: Organizational Development 1 credit
    LEAD 669 Research for Mathematics Leaders III 1 credit
  • Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

    During the course of the program, students engage in guided field assignments which are instrumental in supporting professional growth and development. Through supervised fieldwork/advisement, candidates engage in leadership activities and develop the capacity to integrate theory and practice.

    • Conference Groups: Two meetings per month during the two fall semesters, spring semester, and summer 1 semester; one meeting per week during the summer 2 semesters.
    • Site Visits: There will be eight virtual site visits during the tenure of the program.
    • Individual Meetings: Eight one-hour individual meetings throughout the 16 months with your advisor.
    • Culminating Project Shares: Students are required to attend culminating project shares as part of advisement hours.
  • Fellowship Years Two Through Five

    Professional Learning Year 2: Building a Strong Teacher Leader Identity
    During this year, Fellows will continue to deepen their identities as mathematicians, teachers, and teacher leaders, determining an idea for change to implement in their upcoming school year. In addition to the identity work, the Fellows will participate in three mathematics workshops developed by our partner, New York Hall of Science (NYSCI), to continue their own mathematics learning and pedagogy.

    Professional Learning Year 3: Conversations at School
    Fellows will consider what their teacher leadership looks like in practice through monthly meetings, attending an adminstrators institute, and developing relationships with NYCSI staff through workshops.

    Professional Learning Year 4: Coaching and Facilitating
    Fellows will develop and facilitate at least one mathematics workshop either in Years 4 or 5. In addition, the Fellows will continue to attend monthly meetings which will focus on coaching and relationships within the school building. Fellows will also have the opportunity to volunteer to develop and facilitate mathematics workshops as part of Saturday Math at Bank Street.

    Professional Learning Year 5: Organizing a Conference
    For the first four years of the program, the Fellows will have had the opportunity to reflect on their various learning communities: cohort, school, and NYSCI by designing and implementing a small mathematics education conference.

  • Certification Details

    This program leads to New York State School Building Leader (SBL) certification for those candidates who pass the New York State SBL Assessment. As of 2013, completion of the New York State mandated workshops in School Violence Prevention, Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, and Dignity for All Students are requirements of this program.

    By adding five additional credits of coursework in School District Leadership, candidates who have completed 60 graduate credits may also be recommended for New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification after passing the New York State examination.

Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Earn an MSEd in Leadership in Math Education and qualify for New York State School Building Leader certification for under $20,000
  • Begin your 100% online 16-month program this summer and complete it by Fall 2025
  • Apply key concepts related to mathematics pedagogy and curriculum, adult development and research, and action research in your current classroom setting
  • Learn among a small cohort of like-minded students
  • Complete your degree for a fraction of the cost
  • Receive a $10,000 per year stipend for four additional years of professional development and networking after you complete your master’s degree, offered in partnership with the New York Hall of Science


  • Applicants must have at least 5 years of classroom teaching experience, with at least 50% of the time devoted to mathematics education. If you don’t yet have this level of experience, please consider our standard Leadership in Mathematics Program

Get Started!

If you meet the qualifications for this exciting opportunity, please submit your application. We’d also love to answer your questions and help you get started—please contact for more information or complete the form below.


Why Bank Street?

Leadership Expertise

Bank Street has a rich portfolio of work leading change efforts in schools and communities across the country in collaboration with schools, districts, programs, and policymakers.

Prepared for the Long Run

Bank Street is proud that 87% of its graduates remain in the field of education and 87% feel more confident in their specialty than comparison professionals.

A National Reputation

Our graduates are highly regarded by schools, educational organizations, and other places of learning across the country. A degree from Bank Street will help you stand out as a forward-thinking educator and leader who is confident, well-prepared, and ready to thrive.

Kate Smallberg, Leadership in Mathematics alumna 2018
Alumni Voices
The Leadership in Math Education program at Bank Street is transformative. It pushes you in directions you never imagined because it offers you a safe space to take risks… and also gives you the chance to see yourself as a leader regardless of your title. Words from my first day of orientation had a lasting impact on me: ‘It doesn’t take a title to be a leader. A leader is influential.’ As a result of this program, I have… a vision of myself as a leader and… deeply believe that I am influential.
Kate Smallberg, GSE ’18
Leadership in Mathematics Education
Alumni Voices
I chose to study at Bank Street because of its progressive and inclusive approach to educating children and adults. I believe that Bank Street is one of the leading institutions when it comes to developing progressive educators and school leaders, and the Graduate School is helping me to become an even more effective and impactful educator for all of my students and families.
Mel Allan, GSE '19
Leadership in Mathematics Education