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Whova Conference Platform

Bank Street College is using the Whova platform for the upcoming conferences to help maximize your experience. Whova provides easy access to the conference agenda, workshop live stream links, and the ability to connect with speakers and conference participants. Upon registration, more information will be available when you register in your confirmation email.

Create your Whova account

About three (3) weeks prior to the conference, you will receive an invitation to download the Whova App and/or create an account on the Whova website. Whova offers both a Web app (accessed through a browser on your computer – Chrome is recommended) and a mobile app (iOS and Android). If you are attending a hybrid event, we suggest you are familiar with the mobile app so you can utilize it’s features while onsite at Bank Street. Once you set up your Whova account, you can select your workshops to create your personal agenda.

Attendee User Guide
How to use the Whova App
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