You will complete different types of work over your career at Bank Street College: classwork and fieldwork, Integrative Master’s Projects, internships, State Mandated Trainings, and more! At the end of each semester, your instructor, advisor, or mentor will provide you with a final grade. Different types of courses are graded in different ways. Read on for more information about how to view and interpret your grades.

If you need to send an official copy of your academic record to a third party, or if you need an official copy of your record for yourself, we encourage you to request a copy of your Official Transcript

Dates and Deadlines

  • All class assignments due by last day of class

  • Fall incomplete work due by the following May 1
  • Spring, Summer 1, and/or Summer 2 incomplete work due by the following December 1
  • Final grades for graduating students due from instructors within 5 business days of the last day of classes
  • Final Grades for all other students due from instructor within 10 business days of the last day of classes

Accessing and Understanding Your Grades

  • Grades for Graduating Students

    If you are completing coursework, IMP work, and/or fieldwork in your final semester, you must finish and submit all your assignments to your instructor (or mentor or advisor) by the last day of classes.

    If your instructors are unable to post your final grades by the deadline for graduating students, you may be ineligible for graduation in this semester. In that event, you may be required to register for Matriculation Maintenance (MMNT500) in the next semester, and your graduation could be postponed to the end of the following term. Please visit our Graduating Students Page for more information.

  • Viewing Your Grades

    You can access your grades on your unofficial transcript, which is available online through myBankStreetConnect (myBSC). Grades are posted once a semester, after all final grades are due from faculty. All students, including non-degree students, can view grades online.

    Please review the attached Navigation Document (pdf) for instructions on how to view your unofficial transcript.

  • Grading Policy

    For a breakdown of our grade types and their value, please view our Grading Policy (pdf).

  • Incomplete Grades

    If you reach the end of a class and you are having trouble completing your final assignment, you may want to speak with your instructor about the possibility of receiving a temporary grade of Incomplete (IN).

    An Incomplete can be used to extend your final work in a class for up to one additional semester. Incomplete grades cannot be given for Integrative Master’s Projects.

    Incompletes are granted at the discretion of the instructor. There is no penalty for requesting an Incomplete, but your instructor has no obligation to grant it.

    If you are given a grade of Incomplete, you are expected to turn in your missing assignment(s) by one of the following:

    • May 1st for a Fall Incomplete
    • December 1st for a Spring, Summer 1, and/or Summer 2 Incomplete

    Instructors have the academic freedom to require you to turn in your missing work earlier than the established College deadlines. However, they cannot extend your deadline beyond the May/December 1st due dates.

    If you do not turn in your missing work by the deadline, or if the work you submit does not meet expectations such that your instructor cannot enter a grade for you by the Incomplete grading deadline, your grade of IN will turn in to a grade of No Credit (NC).

    No Credit Grades

    A grade of No Credit (NC) appears on your transcript only if you received an Incomplete (IN) for a course and you did not successfully complete your missing work.

    No Credit is a neutral grade and will not affect your GPA. However, it is not a passing grade and you will need to take the class again and pass it if you need the course to meet your degree requirements.

    If you complete missing work and submit it to your instructor after you have received a grade of NC, your instructor is not obligated to review and grade late work and may choose to do so at his or her own discretion.

    To request additional time past the incomplete deadline or to request a change of grade once you have received a grade of No Credit, you must petition the Academic Standing Committee. To petition the Committee, please complete the Request to the Academic Standing Committee form below, or send an email to You will need to include the course title, number, and semester that is the subject of your petition, along with a brief explanation of the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the deadline. The Committee will consider your request along with the instructor’s perspective. If your request is approved and your instructor submits a Change of Grade Form on your behalf, your grade of NC will be changed to a final grade. Petitioning the Committee does not guarantee that a change of grade will be granted.

    Request to the Academic Standing Committee Form

    The Academic Standing Committee's mission is to support student success. As a Committee, we consider all student requests through the lens of what will meet student needs while holding to our College policies. The more information you can provide the Committee, the more fully we will be able to consider your request. The Committee will review your request at one of its upcoming monthly meetings. The Committee may request additional documentation from you and/or others who have knowledge of this situation in order to consider a full range of perspectives. If you prefer to begin by having a conversation with someone on the Committee rather than to describe in writing, please email the committee at

    MM slash DD slash YYYY
    To access your Student ID #, log into myBSC > click on your name in the top right corner > select profile > look at the left at 'general information'. The ID number is listed there.
    Please indicate what issue(s) this petition relates to. Check all that apply.(Required)
    Please indicate if you have documents you intend to submit to the Academic Standing Committee. If you have documents, please email them as attachments to Please be sure to include your name and student ID in your email.
    Max. file size: 98 MB.
    Max. file size: 98 MB.
    Max. file size: 98 MB.
  • Change of Grade

    All grade changes are made at the discretion of your instructor. All instructors have the academic freedom to refuse requests for Changes of Grades. To have a grade changed, your instructor must submit a Change of Grade Form on your behalf to the Registrar’s Office. You the student cannot submit this form.

    Instructors are held to the following deadlines for submitting final grades in place of Incompletes:

    • May 15th for Fall Incomplete grades
    • December 15th for Spring, Summer 1, and/or Summer 2 Incomplete grades

    If a Change of Grade is the last requirement you need to graduate, the Registrar’s Office must receive your final grade from your instructor by these dates. If your instructors are unable to post your final grades by these deadlines, you may be ineligible for graduation in this semester. If that happens, you may be required to register for Matriculation Maintenance (possibly again) in the next semester, and your graduation could be postponed to the end of the following term. Please visit our Graduating Students Page for more information.

  • Integrative Masters Project Grades

    Because Integrative Master’s Projects (IMPs) are different from coursework, no Incomplete Grades are permitted. If you are not able to successfully complete your IMP, you will be given either an IA (IMP Attempted) or an NT (Never Attended). In either case, you are required to register and pay for another IMP in a future semester. You also may not request a grade of WD (Withdrawn) from an IMP.

    If you successfully complete an IMP, you will receive a P or passing grade.

  • Supervised Fieldwork Grades

    Most of our programs require you to complete two or more semesters of Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement. Final grades for Supervised Fieldwork are awarded only at the end of your fieldwork experience. After your first semester of work, you will be given a grade of In Progress (IP). At the end of your final semester of fieldwork, your instructor will enter a final grade. This grade will update across any and all semesters you enrolled in fieldwork.

    Until you complete the full fieldwork requirement and receive a final grade, your fieldwork credits will not count as earned credits toward your degree. Note that a grade of No Pass (NP) in fieldwork is grounds for an automatic academic dismissal from the College. Please view the Academic Catalog for more information on our policies.

  • Grade of Withdrawal

    Withdrawing from a class is an option if you are struggling to meet the requirements of your class for any reason. To withdraw from a course, you will need to fill out a Course Withdrawal Form by the posted deadlines. Please visit the “Interruptions of Study” section of our Registration Page for more information.

  • Probation

    You are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA during your time your program, in order to avoid academic probation. At the end of each semester, after grades are posted, we will review your academic record. If your cumulative GPA is below a 3.0, you will be placed on probation. The Registrar’s Office will contact you to notify you of your probationary status and next steps.

    For more information, please visit our Academic Catalog

  • Transfer Credits and Waivers

    If you have completed classwork at another institution, you may be able to transfer in credits to your Bank Street degree or waive a required course in your program. Please visit our Review Your Degree Requirements Page for more information.