Graduating Students

Graduation is an exciting time, and knowing that all of your hard work will be soon be rewarded is something to take pride in. Your success is important to everyone at Bank Street. Here in the Registrar’s Office, we want to encourage you to plan ahead.  The two most important things you need to do to be eligible for graduation are:

The resources here will help you to plan ahead to make sure your degree is awarded when you intend to finish your program. We also recommend keeping in regular contact with your faculty advisor as you work toward graduation. Graduation Application Deadlines are as follows:

  • May (Graduation Application Deadline: October 1)
  • June (Graduation Application Deadline: March 1)
  • August (Graduation Application Deadline: March 1)
    Please note: Completing degree requirements in August does not guarantee that NYS certification will be issued by September.
  • December (Graduation Application Deadline: June 1)

Students who completed degree requirements in their entirety by the end of the Summer 1 2023, Summer 2 2023, Summer-Long 2023, Fall 2023, or Spring 2024 term and who submit a graduation application are invited to participate in the annual spring commencement ceremony taking place in May 2024 (date TBD). Eligible graduates will be sent an invitation to the commencement via their college-issued student email account in March. Students who complete requirements after the spring term are invited to attend the following year’s ceremony.

Path to finishing your degree

These important steps will help you plan for successful completion of your degree and applying for New York State Certification (where applicable).

  • Meet with your advisor

    Your faculty advisor is your primary contact for tracking your program completion. Discuss all program requirements—including the appropriate number of credits and specific courses required for your program—with your Academic Advisor. An important note to remember: A degree can be conferred only for currently enrolled students.

    If you are not registered for classes, the Integrative Master’s Project, or supervised fieldwork in the semester you intend to graduate, you must register for matriculation maintenance (MMNT 500) by the end of the add/drop period.

  • Review degree requirements

    You should review and track your program requirements. You should consult the Academic Course Catalog of the year you started your degree with us to ensure you are meeting your program requirements.

  • Apply for graduation

    Degrees are conferred and posted on your transcript at the end of each semester. After our faculty grade submission deadline has past, the Registrar’s Office will review your record and, if you have completed all of your program requirements, we will confer your degree. Conferral dates are in May, June, August, and December.

    Review the Graduation Application Deadlines above to see when your Graduation Application is due. You will need to complete the Graduation Application (log in to your Bank Street email to access the application) by the deadline to be eligible to graduate in your desired term. 

    Check your Bank Street email address for the official review letter listing any unmet requirements that must be completed by the end of the term you plan to graduate.

  • Finish outstanding requirements

    Be sure you are registered in your final term. You will need to complete any coursework, IMP, or workshops. Check your myBSC account to be sure all of your grades are on file.

  • Clear all holds

    If you have any outstanding balance with the college (your balance is visible through myBSC), or if you are a financial aid recipient and haven’t completed exit counseling, a hold will be placed on your account and your diploma will not be released until the hold is lifted.

    Please contact either the Bursar’s Office or Financial Aid if you need assistance with either type of hold.

  • Attend commencement

    Our Commencement Ceremony is held once a year. You will be invited to join us, provided you have completed or will complete your degree requirements between June (summer) and May (spring) of any given year, and you submitted your graduation application by the posted application submission deadlines. Students who complete requirements after the spring term are invited to attend the following year’s ceremony.

  • Check your unofficial transcripts

    Log into your myBSC account to see that your degree is conferred (PDF). Please note we do not award Latin honors.

  • Receive your graduation confirmation

    You will receive a packet of paperwork from the Registrar’s Office confirming the conferral of your degree. If earning your degree has made you eligible for New York State certification, this packet will also include instructions and detailed information to assist you in applying for certification.

  • Keep an eye out for your mail

    Your diploma will be sent via certified mail to the address you supplied on your Graduation Application, provided you do not have any holds on your student account. Your diploma will be printed by an outside printer and will therefore take at least two months following your official graduation. If you need to provide evidence of completion of your program, please request an official transcript.

    If you need to reorder your diploma, you can do so here.

New York State Certification

Applying for teacher and/or leadership certifications with the state of New York is a separate from you Bank Street College graduation. You must initiate and complete the process of state certification after you graduate. Please visit our Certification page for more information.