After the Priority Registration period has ended, your next opportunity to register and/or make changes to your semester class schedule is the Add/Drop period.

General information about Add/Drop is outlined below. After reviewing this page, please refer to the kind of student you are on the left-hand navigation for Add/Drop information specific to your student status. 

  • Add/Drop Deadlines

    You are permitted to add any classes worth 2 or more credits to your schedule up until 12:00 AM the day the class meets for a second time. For 1-credit courses and all sections of IMP2, you can only add these options up until 12:00 AM the day of the first class meeting. You are permitted to drop a class from your schedule up until the last day of the Add/Drop period.

  • Add/Drop Fees

    You will be charged an Add/Drop fee each day you make a change to your schedule during Add/Drop. In addition to course and fieldwork registration, this fee applies to all registrations to IMPs (including Independent Studies), State Mandated Workshops, and Matriculation Maintenance made during this time. This fee is non-refundable, even in the event you choose to drop all of your classes.

  • Non-Attendance in Courses

    You will not be dropped from a class for non-attendance. You must complete the following steps to formally leave a class:

    • Dropping the class during Add/Drop
    • Withdrawing from the class once Add/Drop has ended

    If you stop attending a class without completing the above steps, you will still be charged the full tuition and fees for the course and you will receive a final grade for the work you have or have not completed.

  • Course Withdrawal

    If you need to leave a course after the Add/Drop period is over, you can fill out paperwork for a Course Withdrawal. Visit the Interruptions of Study section on the Registration Page.