Course Refund

Financial & Academic Liability

Once registered, you are liable for the full cost of tuition of the courses and fieldwork for which you have registered regardless of non-attendance to the class. Full liability applies for both students using the deferred payment plan and those paid in full at registration.

  • Dropping Or Withdrawing From A Course

    When you drop or withdraw from courses, tuition refunds are considered according to the date the completed request form is received in the Registrar’s Office based on the below refund schedule.

    Courses dropped by the last day of the Drop/Add Period: 100% tuition refund

    After the Add/Drop period ends, students are responsible for 100% of the tuition plus registration fees.

  • Non-Refundable Fees

    All Registration Fees, the Institutional Assessment Fee, and the Program Reservation Fee are non-refundable.

  • Refund Policy Committee

    If you wish to appeal the refund policy, you must send your request in writing to the Refund Policy Committee (RPC). The Committee will review your request and gather all information from all involved parties. RPC will make a decision and share it with you. The decision of the Refund Policy Committee is final. Requests and appeals can be completed via the Request for Refund/Waiver of Charges form. The Committee can be emailed at Please be sure to indicate “Refund Policy Committee Request” in the subject line.

  • Payment Refund/Reversal of Charges Request

    For students who wish to petition for a refund or a reversal of charges for tuition or certain fees.  Students who drop a course/fieldwork/IMP by the last day of Add/Drop will be entitled to 100% of their tuition charges refunded or reversed. After the Add/Drop window ends, no refunds or reversals of charges are available. If you have an extenuating circumstance and you need to appeal for an exception to this policy, you can complete this electronic form. The Refund Committee will consider your appeal and will contact you once a decision has been reached. Please note, there are certain fees and charges that are non-refundable. Please visit our Bursar’s Office on the web for more information.

    Request for Refund/Waiver of Charges

  • Title IV Recipients and Refunds

    If eligible for a refund, the amount is calculated according to the following formula:

    The portion of the period completed, divided by the length of the payment period (if greater than 60%, assume 100%), multiplied by Title IV Aid disbursed–including the amount of awarded Title IV Aid that could have been disbursed if the student established eligibility for the funds prior to withdrawing.

    Unearned amounts allocable to Title IV, HEA Programs will be returned in the following order:

    • William D. Ford Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
    • William D. Ford Federal Direct Subsidized Loans
    • Perkins Loans
  • Course Cancellation Policy

    The College reserves the right to cancel a course for which there is insufficient registration.

    Tuition paid and registration fees will be refunded in full to any student who has registered and paid for a course that is subsequently canceled.